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                     My Spiritual Teachers:
                    Faith, Hope and Charity
                     Ralph B. Allison, M.D.
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                   Paso Robles, CA 93447-0957
                       Presented at the 
          Nineteenth Annual International Conference 
                 on the Study of Shamanism and
                  Alternative Modes of Healing
                      Santa Sabina Center
                     San Rafael, California
                       September 1, 2002
Abstract: Three spirits, who call themselves Faith, Hope & Charity, introduced themselves to me
in the mid 1970s by borrowing the body of my most dissociated patient with MPD. In 1981, they
again appeared, this time borrowing the body of a second patient with MPD. While that patient
and I were writing her story, they dictated one chapter, detailing their job descriptions. Faith is a
Spiritual Guardian, Hope is a Spiritual Teacher and Charity is a Spiritual Professor. Collectively,
they prefer to be called Celestial Intelligent Energy or CIE. Their job descriptions will be the
subject of this presentation.
     In the mid 1970's, in Santa Cruz, California, I treated Elyse, a patient with a very exotic
variety of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), whose Inner Self Helper (ISH) called herself
Charity. Charity also told me she ran a "school for spirits," and introduced to me two of her
students, who called themselves Faith and Hope. She said that their course took 200 years.
     In 1978, I moved to Davis, California, where I met an equally exotic MPD patient named
Marie, with 60 personalities. When we reached the last few months of therapy, out came the same
spirits, Faith, Hope, and Charity, to talk to me. Being a natural born skeptic, I made no reference
to my experience with Elyse. However, it became apparent over time that they knew all about my
time in Santa Cruz and that they were the very same spirits I had met and talked to briefly in
Santa Cruz. Here they were again, borrowing the body of another patient with MPD.
     In 1981, I moved to Los Osos, California, to work at the California Men's Colony Prison
in San Luis Obispo. Upon my retirement 13 years later, I contacted Marie to see if she wanted to
write a book about her life. She agreed and we worked for 18 months on a manuscript about her
life as a multiple, including how Faith, Hope, and Charity raised her from the age of 6 months
until she met me at age 30. They were her "mothers" as far as she was concerned.
     Because she and Elyse were Grade V hypnotizable persons, they had very "slippery glue"
holding their personalities in their bodies. They were therefore the easiest minds to displace
whenever these three spiritual entities wanted to come forth to talk to someone such as me. And
they did want to talk to me.
     In the process of writing the manuscript, I had to invent some generic term to call them.
They told me that they were usually called "angels," but they didn't think much of that name, as it
meant "messenger" in Greek. They were much more that heavenly postal clerks, they told me. So
Charity and I spent 30 minutes on the phone going over different English words until she agreed
that I could call them Celestial Intelligent Energy, or CIE for short. This word is both singular and
plural, and can be used for all other spiritual entities whom they know and work with in their
regular management of the human race.
     I then asked each of the three CIE I knew to dictate a job description for the book, and it
is those job descriptions I wish to provide here now. The first one is by Faith, who calls herself a
Spiritual Guardian of the Essence. The Essence is the soul, spirit of each human being, which is
called Becky, in the case of Marie.

Spiritual Guardian of the Essences, as described by Faith
     "Whereas the Essences have responsibility for one human charge, we, the Spiritual
Guardians of the Essences, are responsible for 150 of the Essences. Our duties and responsibilities
are as follows: 
     "We are called Spiritual Guardians of the Essences because we protect and guard.
Therefore, that is our title.
     "Our prime responsibility to protect our Essences at all costs. When the energy of an
Essence has been depleted while protecting their charge, it is unable to sustain any further psychic
assault. A psychic assault is when a 'turned Essence' is trying to destroy the Essence of another
human. We, as Guardians, must take drastic steps to protect the Essence we are supervising. We
can physically remove the body from the place of the psychic assault. We can also make the
human fall asleep.  We can convince the human with the 'turned Essence,' who is doing the
psychic assault, to feel that the argument or discourse has been finished. This is our most
important and prime directive, to protect and guard the Essences under our guidance.
     "We create situations in which the human needs to make important decisions. If the
Essence has been unable to direct their charge to the point of taking appropriate action, we will
step in. Situations will include a career direction, for example. We will send other humans into the
path of the human that we need to change. We will have that human say or do something that
brings about the change required. 
     "Another important function is to pick the family the human will be born into. That way
the human's Life Plan will be started properly. We pick the culture, the social group, the parents,
and siblings with whom the human will experience all that is needed to complete their life plans. In
the course of the human growing, we also send boyfriends and girlfriends into the humans' lives as
lessons to be learned in social and romantic experiences. We also send to the humans the 'best
friends,' who are actually part of the 150 Essences that we supervise. That is why when humans
meet their closest friends and feel as if they have known those humans before, it is because they
have. They are part of the humans' existences of all prior lives before.
     "We choose the humans' mates or significant others to create learning situations. There
can be many different kinds of learning situations. This includes all manners of relationships,
including heterosexual or homosexual pairing. It could be learning to live with an emotional or
mentally ill  human. It could also be experiencing the life as a mate to someone who is
significantly disabled. We also know if one mate is enough or if the human will have several
mates. In either context, it is all part of growing and learning in this Life Plan. 
     "We also have chosen specific jobs or positions that each human is to be involved in. We
will direct and change those job situations that best suit your needs. If the specific job the human
is in becomes unbearable, that is because we have stepped in and are making it so. Your Life Plan
does not include that position or job anymore. That is the time that all humans need to listen to
their Essences.
     "We also are called, in human terms, 'Guardian Angels,' but that is incorrect wordage for
ourselves. We do protect and guard the Essences, and we will perform 'miracles,' such as
extracting a human from a horrible accident. We, as Guardians of the Essences, have a full variety
of Essences to supervise. We have immature ones who are on their first assignments, who are
called 'Baby Essences.' We have Essences that do not cooperate with our teaching and become
rebellious and therefore turn their charge into doing some criminal acts. Those are called 'turned
     "Each Essence, having had prior lives as humans, has been granted Free Will by 'The
Creator.' This means that any Essence may choose to ignore the advice and training of the CIE,
who are assigned to implement the directives of 'The Creator.' A 'turned Essence' ignores the
teachings of the CIE and exercises Free Will alone." 

Spiritual Teacher of the Guardians of the Essences, as described by Hope
     "To perform a 'miracle,' the Spiritual Guardian of the Essences combines with another
CIE, 'The Spiritual Teacher of the Guardian of the Essences.' Each Teacher is responsible for
150,000 Spiritual Guardians.
     "We Spiritual Teachers are in charge of all education of the Guardians and of the Baby
Essences. When they arrive at our school, the first avenue is to implant into the Baby Essence the
entire language of ourselves, the CIE. That way, we are able to communicate without
misinterpretation. Once the Baby Essences have become implanted with our language, they are
sent to their Guardian. We instruct the Guardians regarding where each Essence is to be placed in
Physicalspace, when each Essence will arrive again in Thoughtspace, and how long the next
physical life of each Essence will last.
     "We constantly teach the Guardians new and improved information regarding changes in
culture and environment into which the Essences have been assigned. We also are responsible
regarding all of humans' Physicalspace educational resources. We have the responsibility for
housing and training of rebellious 'turned Essences.' They are given added training and
opportunity for additional growth before they are allowed to be reincarnated into another human
form again." 

Spiritual Professor of the Teachers of the Guardians of the Essences, as described by
     "When the Spiritual Teacher joins with the Guardian to perform 'miracles,' they may need
to be joined by the other CIE. Her title is the 'Spiritual Professor of the Teacher of the Guardians
of the Essences.'
     "We Professors are responsible for 250,000 Teachers. We are responsible for the 150,000
Guardians that each of these Spiritual Teachers have the responsibility for. We also are
responsible for the 150 Essences that each of the Spiritual Guardians have responsibility for.  We,
the Professors, are responsible for maintaining 'dictionaries' of all human words, phrases and
definitions in a special library for all Essences and other CIE to use. We are responsible for
assigning specific duties to the Teacher and the Guardian regarding the humans that we are
responsible for teaching. 
     "For example, we will provide the Teacher with the information they need to help the
human with marital or family crises. We will supply the Guardian with information involving
friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. And we, the Professor, have the responsibility for
spiritual and higher levels of learning and understanding for the humans that we have been
assigned to. 
     "We reacquaint humans with others who were related to them in previous lives. We
arrange for the conditions of when and where Essences will be reincarnated. Most decisions are
decided by conferring with the Essence and other CIE involved with the Essence's charge.
However, we have the final say on any decisions which they cannot resolve among themselves. 
     "We pass down information from 'The Creator' to the Teachers to the Guardians to the
Essences. All information from the Essences is relayed back to us through the same channels. 
When we are teaching humans, we will converse with a small circle of human contacts. We limit
our teachings to no more than 10 humans at a time, as contamination will rob us of our
responsibility and duty from our beloved 'Creator.' 
     "The delivery of psychic abilities is another one of our functions. We deliver all psychic
abilities to the Essences to deliver to their respective charges. 
     "We are responsible for bringing together the Essences of humans who will be working
together. This is one of the actions we take as managers for any projects that 'The Creator' wants
completed. We have the authority to complete the project in any way that we have to. 
     "We are responsible for housing 'turned Essences' that are a major threat to the existence
of Essences in our realm. We have what is known as a 'velvet whip.' We do not chastise, we do
not punish, in human terms. We house, explain, and teach, but these Essences will never be
reincarnated into another human being, ever." 

Conclusions of the CIE, Faith, Hope, and Charity
     "Humans have long considered the universe as something that was created out of nothing.
Theologians have considered that Something created the universe. Both are correct. 'The Creator'
has been here for as long as there has been energy. 'The Creator' designed this universe of yours
with all manners of life, with plants, animals, and minerals. We, the CIE, are in charge of the
operations of 'The Creator's' universe. There is an intellectual order in your universe, and it is
precisely run by the CIE. There is no error in what we do. 
     "We have been typically envisioned as angels, females with white robes, halos, wings, long
blonde hair, and sandals. WE ARE NOT THAT. We do not have bodies; we are energy. 
     "Each of the Essences are taught by ourselves, the CIE, under the direction of 'The
Creator.' Each Essence has had prior lives and is able to impart whatever wisdom and knowledge
they learned unto their charges. Memories are stored, indexed and retrieved by each human's
Essence in the Akashic Records Center. The Essences bring forth the memories to their charges
only when needed. 
     "The Essences do not force their actions unto their charges. They are the still, small voice
inside each human. When each of you listens to that voice inside, you will find the correct path
that each must tread. Reincarnation is a fact in our realm for all Essences in order for them to gain
the experience needed to direct their charges on their next series of lifetimes. Your journey of
completing and fulfilling your Life Plan will be long but rewarding if you will only listen to that
voice, your Essence.  It has never failed; your Essence has always been there and wishes for you
humans to be more attentive to it. 
     "We are here. Listen to us and grow."

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