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                       THE GREAT TEACHER
             An addendum to the workshop manual on
                       The Human Essence
                     Ralph B. Allison, M.D.
     Thoughtspace is a totally self sufficient community of thinkers who are continually
educating Essences in between lifetimes. The CIE who are involved in that educational effort
must keep up to date on the changes that are going on in the Physicalspace in which these
Essences and their Charges (Emotional Selves) will return to live out their next incarnation. Also,
during each human's nondream time, the Essences being educated by the CIE as to what they will
need to know to assist their Charges in facing and coping successfully with the very real problems
they will face when they wake up the next morning.

     To assist the CIE in having the most accurate and up-to-date information available, The
Creator established The Great Teacher in Thoughtspace. The Great Teacher is the data bank of
information about Physicalspace which is available as a resource to the CIE on each and ever
subject in each and every part of the globe, in each and every era of human existence. This is like
the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, or the Think Tank attached to any university where
their best minds have their offices and research laboratories. This is the place where the senior
professors do cutting edge research, where they interact with each other across specialization
lines and are then able to provide information to the younger professors and others which is the
best available on the planet. The CIE must be sure that their information is accurate and not
contaminated by human emotions or imagination. This is the source of their information if they
have not personally had experience in any given topic. 

     Membership in The Great Teacher is the goal of Master Life Plan, as decided by The
Creator, and is established at the beginning of the first lifetime of each Emotional Self so
designated. However, it is only in the last few lifetimes of that Emotional Self that the human
becomes aware of where he or she is going to spend all eternity after his or her last human
lifetime. In the meantime, all lifetimes have been designed to give him or her the needed
experiences to make him or her an expert in his or her field. Therefore this Emotional Self will
have lived close to the usual maximum number of lifetimes, around 5,000. It takes that many
lifetimes to be fully conversant with the many varieties of types of human existence which are
needed so that one is really a universal expert. 

     During all lifetimes of a candidate for The Great Teacher, the CIE are in close attendance,
so that he or she is not permitted to use Free Will so often, his or her learning is interfered with.
When the last few lifetimes come to be, the CIE may be very involved in the daily activities of this
person, possibly by taking control of a close friend's body and mouth, or taking over the body of
the individual involved in critical cases. In any case, the Essence of the candidate is always in
close contact with the CIE and cannot be allowed to become turned. The Essence is always one
of the best in its class, as it has a harder job than most Essences in steering its Charge into
becoming an expert in its particular subject, something that may not make for many human

     Any Emotional Self who is a candidate for The Great Teacher is exempt from
reincarnating after its last lifetime is finished. After "ceasing to exist,"the Emotional Self is then
sent through the usual upgrading process that all "last lifetime" Emotional Selves go through so
that they can become Essences. This includes installing in them the Original Language, and all of
the abilities which are given to each Baby Essence. But in their cases, they are then oriented to the
"layout" of Thoughtspace and given an orientation tour of who else is there for them to work
with in the future. They are given the entire knowledge of how the communication system works,
the roles of all CIE The Creator has to do the work required and the status of plans for the future
spiritual development of the planet.

     Among the other members of The Great Teacher they will meet Jesus, Muhammad,
Moses, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Einstein, Buddha, Thomas Edison, Shakespear, Mozart and
Beethoven. These are just a few of the experts who are now contributing their expertise to the
universe for the infinite future. Fame and fortune are not enough to make anyone qualified for The
Great Teacher. Abraham Lincoln is a member, due to his abolishing slavery and holding the Union
together, but George Washington is not. Washington was primarily an administrative leader. In
psychiatry, the great French psychiatrist, Pierre Janet, is included, but not Sigmund Freud or Carl
Jung. The work and beliefs of Janet are not well known in the USA, since his writings have not
been translated into English, while those of Freud and Jung have been. Princess Di is a member
because of her humanitarian expertise. Frank Sinatra recently joined, also, because of his ability to
tell stories in music. In the near future they will be joined by the upgraded Emotional Self of
Jimmy Carter, not because he was president for one term, but because of his peacemaking abilities
after leaving office.

          One example of the loneliness and human drama which may accompany the last
lifetime of a candidate for The Great Teacher is represented by the life of Jesus. This was his last
lifetime, and he was destined all along to play exactly the role he played for his society. When he
reached the time to go on his ministry, the CIE took over control of his body. They could allow
no mistakes, since the entire drama had to play out as planned by The Creator. For the last three
years of his life, everything he did and said was controlled by the CIE involved with him. One
problem is that he wrote no books or papers, and no one recorded his comings and going on film
or videotape. So we have no objective factual knowledge of what he actually said and did. 

     Since the drama had to include betrayal by one of his disciples, someone had to play the
role of Judas. It was impossible to have a live human play this role, since he would have to have a
"turned Essence" to do such a dastardly deed. Since all members of the drama had Essences in
constant contact with each other, they would long since have identified Judas as a potential
betrayer, and they would have ejected him from the group. Certainly, the CIE controlling Jesus
would have known his intentions and could have caused him to "cease to exist" long before his
betrayal was planned. There was no way to keep such secrets from the CIE in charge of Jesus.

     A Judas "actor" was needed, and the CIE created one, by making a hologram. They kept
this hologram on the edge of the physical crowd of human disciples and brought him forward the
day he was needed to do his betrayal. Then, when the execution of Jesus had been accomplished,
the CIE turned off the hologram, and let everyone think that Judas had hung himself. That would
sound logical to the remaining humans who would be needed to write the story later. But there
was no human Judas to betray Jesus. The CIE would not have allowed such a betrayal by a live
human being, and no human being could have done it under those circumstances.

     Also, the drama of resurrection had to be played out, to assure the Jews of that time that
life eternal was possible for them while under domination by the Romans. The Jews needed the
hope that they could come back from the dead after being killed by the Roman conquerors.  It
was impossible for Jesus' body to actually rise from the dead, but his disciples had to think it had
happened, to give hope to them and their associates. The CIE made sure that Jesus' body
disintegrated to an atomic state in the tomb over the weekend after his crucifixion. There was no
physical body to be discovered. They did that by speeding up the usual process of bodily decay.
The body was not moved or hidden, or brought back to life by secret potions. It was totally
destroyed by the CIE.

     Then the CIE made a hologram of Jesus to meet his disciples as described in the New
Testament. This hologram was totally convincing to all how met "him," and it talked and walked
like the Jesus they had known. It, too, was designed to play out the desired drama which was
needed for the time and people involved. When the time was right, the vision of the chariots
carrying Jesus into Heaven were also manufactured by the CIE, all to convince everyone there of
what they needed to believe. All this time, the Emotional Self of Jesus had been upgraded to
Essence, and he had joined the other experts' Essences in The Great Teacher. He has been there
ever since, doing his part in improving the status of human on this globe. His influence has
continued, via his advice to the CIE, who pass on advice to the Essences of each of us humans. In
this way we each have the benefit of what he really knew and taught, regardless of what was
written about his ideas long after his crucifixion.

     New members are being constantly trained to be added to The Great Teacher. Each
culture has its own members being monitored and prepared. This process will go on as long as
human beings are on this planet. Due to the constant interaction between the members of The
Great Teacher, all of whom have been the greatest independent thinkers of their time, they are
constantly reevaluating what they think and believe, so that they are constantly improving the
quality of their advice to the CIE, for whom they are the admitted experts on all matters human.
They have access to all information in the Akashic Records, including all the accomplishments of
all humans. Therefore, they can upgrade those records, making available plans for inventions
which need to be created by inventors in human form, so that the inventors can create works
which seem to be inspired in nature. 

  Copyright© 2023 - Ralph B. Allison