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           How and Why Personal Rescue Miracles Occur
                     Ralph B. Allison, M.D
                         PO Box957
                    Paso Robles, California
                 E-mail: ralfalison@charter.net
                 Website: www.dissociation.com
                         Presented at 
            The 23rd Annual International Conference
   on the Study of Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing
                      Santa Sabina Center
                     San Rafael, California
                      September 2-4, 2006
     Abstract: A legal case in which I was an expert witness involved a young man who was a
passenger in a car which crashed into another care late one night. He safely exited from his car to
the curbside, only to later face double murder charges. The miracle of his safe exit from his
demolished auto will be described, from the point of view of the spiritual beings who rescued him.     
	In my dictionary (Random House, 1996), a miracle is defined as "an effect or
extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is
ascribed to a supernatural cause." I would like to tell you about one such event which, in my
opinion, qualifies for that label.
     Two young men, whom I will call Joe and Robert, visited many bars one day, leaving the
last bar for home late in the evening, in Robert's car. Prior to drinking at that last bar, Robert had
been driving his car. But he felt too intoxicated to drive the last road home, so he asked Joe to
take the wheel.
     Joe drove up to 100 miles per hour in the left lane, passing all the other cars on the
country two lane road, in the dark, where there were no street lights. Halfway home, he rammed
into a car being driven in the opposite direction by a woman, whom I will call Alice, who had just
left the home of her friend, whom I will call Helen. Joe's car hit Alice's car head on and both
drivers were killed instantly.
     Three women were the first drivers coming home from the movies that night who stopped
at the scene of the accident, to see if they could help any survivors. They saw Robert lying in the
dirt on the side of the road at the rear of his smashed car. They also saw a pickup truck parked
there, from which came a cowboy. This cowboy said to these three ladies, "The two drivers are
dead. Move this one on the dirt away from the cars before the cars go up in flames." 
     The three women dragged Robert to safety before the gas tanks of both cars burst into
flames. The cowboy got back into his pickup truck and disappeared.
     When the California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers arrived, they interviewed all the
witnesses, including Robert. He thought he was still in the US Navy and was on leave driving to
visit his girlfriend. Thus he gave officers false information that he had been driving alone, because
of the concussion he had received in the accident.
     Investigation showed that Joe had died of injuries sustained by being crushed by the
steering wheel, and Robert had sustained leg and shoulder injuries consistent with being in the
passenger seat. There was no basis for criminal charges against Robert. 
     The three ladies each reported seeing the cowboy with the pickup truck, with each one
reporting slightly different details. One said he was clean shaven, while another said he had
whiskers. One said the truck was blue, while another said it was black. One said it had a camper
shell on it, but another did not see that. One lady said there were several children inside the cab.
A search was made for him, as a primary witness, but he was never located.
     Helen, the dead lady's friend, had been driving behind Alice when the crash happened.
Alice had not driven that road before, so Helen had driven behind her in case she got lost. So she
saw the accident right in front of her. The case was officially closed, but Helen felt so guilty for
putting her friend in jeopardy, she had to find someone else to blame. She picked on Robert as the
guilty party and began to harass the CHP office with phone calls and visits, demanding they
reopen the case and accuse Robert of killing her friend. She wanted to make him the driver, the
one whom she could blame for her friend's death.
     The local officers called in another officer from the CHP headquarters in Sacramento who
was trained in "Cognitive Interviewing." He re-interviewed all the witnesses six months after the
first investigation in an attempt to have them identify Robert as the driver of his car at the time of
the crash.
     "Cognitive Interviewing" is a method of police interrogation invented by two professors of
psychology as an attempt to get around the fact that the California Supreme Court had banned the
use of hypnosis in interviewing witnesses or defendants in criminal cases. The professors
advocated using several techniques which required the subject to go into an hypnotic trance to
complete the task. Then the interviewer was to encourage the witness to visualize scenes at the
site of the crime which he did not actually see with his own eyes. Such imagined images were then
expected to be his testimony in court.
     In this case, the officer used this approach with all the drivers who had been passed by the
speeding car, going 100 mph on a dark night with no street lights. He tried to get them to identify
Robert as the driver and Joe as the passenger. Enough doubt was raised by his new "findings" to
persuade the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) to file double murder charges against Robert.
     Robert's mother was married a lawyer and worked in his office, so his stepfather became
his defense attorney. His mother transcribed the tapes of the new interviews and thought they
sounded like the officer was hypnotizing the witnesses. She asked her lawyer husband to hire me
to evaluate this possibility.
     When I listened to the taped interviews, I felt like the officer was copying my hypnotic
induction procedure, since the script he used was close to what I said in my own hypnotherapy
sessions. I then became fully involved in working on the case for the defense.
     At trial, because testimony produced in the second examination included so many
differences from that which had been secured immediately after the crash, all of the new testimony
was discredited and thrown out. The judge advised the officer never to conduct this type of
interrogation again. Robert was found not guilty on both murder charges.
     At that time, I had met three spiritual beings named Faith, Hope, and Charity, who
repeatedly borrowed the body of Marie, one of my former patients with Multiple Personality
Disorder (MPD). I had written a book about Marie's case in which they had provided their job
descriptions. Faith called herself Marie's Spiritual Guardian (a.k.a. Guardian Angel), Hope was
her Spiritual Teacher, and Charity was her Spiritual Professor.
     I discussed this legal case with Faith and asked her if she had any explanation for the
events at the scene of the accident. She told me she was also the Spiritual Guardian for Robert,
who needed to continue to live as he still had many lessons to learn in this lifetime. The two
drivers were meant to die, as their Life Plans had been completed for this lifetime.
     During the trial, I had heard the accident reconstruction experts try to explain how Robert
could have been flung out of the car heading west, ending up east of the crash site. In my mind,
since he was driving fast in a westerly direction, if he was thrown out of the car, his body should
have continued towards the west. That would have flung him into the roadway ahead, where he
would have been run over by the other cars. Also they had a hard time explaining how the force of
stopping could have ejected him from his car without causing even more injuries than those he
had sustained in the crash itself. They claimed he must have been ejected through the sunroof, but
who keeps a sunroof open in the middle of the night? Where was the upward force coming from
which would have been needed to eject him up and away from the crash? If he was the driver, as
the ADA argued, how did he get past the steering wheel, which had crushed his friend's chest?
     Faith explained that she had combined her energies with those of Hope and Charity to
extract Robert from the disabled car. He had been thrown against Joe, the driver, and was pinned
there by the bent steering wheel. First, they straightened out the steering wheel so they could
extract him from the seat. Then they lifted him through the broken windshield without his being
cut by the glass shards. Then they lifted him over the top of the car and carefully placed him on
the dirt by the side of the road, without his getting any additional injuries. That is where the three
ladies found him.
     Faith told me that she was the cowboy with the pickup truck, as both were holograms.
Each lady saw her archetype of a John-Wayne-like cowboy, someone who was used to handling
emergencies and giving clear instructions at a time of crisis. When the ladies understood what to
do, the hologram disappeared, and Faith went off to do her planned duties for the rest of the day.
The children seen in the cab were the Essences and Personalities she was delivering to the local
hospital delivery room, to be implanted into the babies due to be born that day. 
     Some time after the accident, one of the women, a young lady, was working at a new job.
The cowboy drove up in his pickup truck and came inside the store to chat with her. Faith said
that she made that visit because the woman was quite anxious about her new job and needed
encouragement. She was the only person to see the cowboy after the accident.
     In my psychiatric training program at Stanford University, I had to sneak out of the
psychiatric classes to learn about hypnosis from Jay Haley, a master teacher and disciple of Milton
Erickson. I used it often in therapy, usually to get history. Then I met a number of patients with
Multiple Personality Disorder whom I discovered were all extremely hypnotizable. I learned that
the degree of hypnotizability one has is a trait which is consistent throughout one's lifetime. Those
in the top 4% were the ones who could make alter-personalities. 
     Since they were able to dissociate easily and shift from personality to personality, they
were also the ones spiritual entities could most easily use to present themselves to people they
wanted to talk to, like myself. That is why I met Faith, Hope, and Charity when they borrowed
the bodies of two of my MPD patients.
     Faith, Hope, and Charity first appeared to me in the body of Elise, who had 25
personalities when I treated her in Santa Cruz, California. Then, when I moved to Davis,
California, they showed up in a lady named Marie, who had 60 personalities. After she integrated,
they continued to borrow her body to tell me how they worked in people's lives, such as in this
auto accident.
     So, if you are dealing with highly hypnotizable clients, it is possible that one of these
spirits may decide to borrow her body in order to meet you. Such people are sometimes called
"mediums," but, in my experience, the appearance of these spirits was completely spontaneous,
decided by the spirit and not by the person whose body it borrowed. Marie would go into a trance
state without any action on my part and would have amnesia for the time the spirit was talking to
me. This might happen when I was driving Marie somewhere, during dinner, or while we walked
on the beach.
     These spirits also came forth to lecture a group of friends at my home after I retired. All of
these friends had to be friendly with Marie first. If one person came in with anger left over from a
prior argument, the spirit would announce that the meeting would be cut short because of the
anger-energy in the room. They never showed up for an unselected audience of strangers.
     When they did talk about any one person's problem, they were quite specific and knew
many details the person had not revealed to any others. They did not talk in generalities or make
vague comments which could apply to any human, as is common with fortune tellers.
     When describing what we could call miracles, they spoke of how they had powers which
are not known to human physicists to manipulate our physical world. They had no name for their
world, which they simply called "our universe." It had no time or distance in it, all communication
was by thought, and it had existed for all eternity. They expected it to last for all eternity as well. I
chose to call our world Physicalspace and their world Thoughtspace. They were able to move
people and objects, such as autos, from Physicalspace into Thoughtspace and back again, but into
a different location. This reminded me of the Star Trek method of "teleportation." "Beam me up,
     All these actions were done because of decisions made by the spirits themselves. They did
not seem to be responding to any human's prayer or wish at the time of a misfortune. They did
what they did because they knew it was the right thing to do for that person, based on his or her
Life Plan needs.
     So here we had a situation in which many details were thoroughly documented in police
records, as well as testified to in court in a double murder trial. Experts on accident
reconstruction attempted to explain how Robert was thrown out of the car which had smashed
into another car head on and survive without sustaining additional injuries beyond those received
in the crash itself. I interviewed a spiritual being who claimed to be his guardian angel who told
me in detail how she and her partners extracted him safely from the demolished vehicle so that he
could be rescued by the ladies who stopped to help. They were aided by a hologram of a cowboy
in a pickup truck who knew just what they had to do in the time of crisis. 
     Since the second CHP examiner tried hypnotic methods to get testimony he wanted to
hear, I was called into the case as an expert on hypnosis. Otherwise I would not have known
anything about this miracle which saved the life of one young man who still needed to live awhile
in order to learn lessons of sobriety and responsible living. 
     While our scientists may not have any physical explanations as to how such could happen,
I have been fortunate in having Faith, Hope, and Charity explain to me how they produce these
unusual results.
Random House (1966) Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, USA, Barnes & Noble

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