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                     Ralph B. Allison, M.D.
                         PO Box 957
                   Paso Robles, CA 93446-0957
                          Presented at
               The 17th International Conference
   On the Study of Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing
          Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, California
                       September 3, 2000
     Since 1972, I have interviewed numerous dissociated Inner Self Helpers (ISHs) of patients
with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).The ISH (a.k.a. Essence) dissociated from the Original
Personality before the age of seven due to life threatening trauma. Whereas the Original and
Alter-Personalities accepted the American cultural belief system they were taught, that
reincarnation does not happen, the ISHs repeatedly described past lives of the Personalties they
mentored as well as past lives of their own, when they were still Personalities themselves. Two
MPD patients had their bodies borrowed by three "supervisors" of the ISH/Essence, whom I
labeled Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE). These three CIE described how they supervise the
reincarnation process for all humans. They explained how reincarnation really works. That
process will be described in this presentation.
     Reincarnation is a circular or cyclic process. To describe it in a linear form, from beginning
to end in my fixed span of time, I must use one of you in the audience as an example. So I am
going to describe how one of you will participate in your own reincarnation process as it has been
described to me by my teachers.
     As you visualize what I will describe, I want the rest of you to think of yourselves as being
in the audience watching this play being performed on the stage in front of you. To understand the
play, you have been provided with a program which lists the characters in the play as well as the
locations in which the various acts will occur. Those I must present to you, the audience of this
play, first.

Cast of Characters
     "The Creator" is the term I will use for what religions usually call God, but "The Creator"
is not a supernatural grandfather with human emotions. "The Creator" is the ultimate in Intelligent
Energy and cannot be separated from that which has been created. "The Creator" has no gender
or emotions and is not passing out judgments on any of us at any time. "The Creator" has existed
for all eternity and will exist for eternity. "The Creator" has laid out Master Life Plans for all
Personalities on Earth. All Master Life Plans coordinate with each other, if properly followed.
     Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE) is the term I use for those nonmaterial entities which
"The Creator" created when "The Creator" created the physical world, to run it per "The
Creator's" instructions. The three types of CIE assigned to monitor the human race call
themselves the Spiritual Guardians, Spiritual Teachers, and Spiritual Professors. They have no
Free Will to defy the instructions of "The Creator." They primarily reside in the nonmaterial
universe I have chosen to call Thoughtspace, but they can make their presences known in
Physicalspace in various ways.
     The Essence of each human being is a "splinter" of "The Creator's" consciousness which
has been given Free Will to ignore "The Creator's" instructions. Fortunately, it rarely exercises its
Free Will. When it does, it is called a "Turned Essence." Its primary job is to mentor a Personality
in following its Master Life Plan in all incarnations. It can operate in both Physicalspace and
     The Personality is a "splinter" of "The Creator's" consciousness which has been given and
often uses its Free Will to ignore "The Creator's" instructions. It can operate only in
Physicalspace, as it requires the brain and its neurohormones to function. It is the only part of the
human mental apparatus with gender identity, because of the presence of sex hormones in the
human body.
     The Human Body, including the brain and its associated neurohormones, is designed by
"The Creator" to be the perfect vehicle for the Personality and its Essence for each lifetime, so
that the human being can live long enough to accomplish and complete this particular single Life
Plan, which is one segment of the Personality's Master Life Plan.

Act One, Scene One
Location: Physicalspace
     At least one of you men in this audience is in the next to the last lifetime of your Master
Life Plan. You are the solo character on stage here. You arrived in this lifetime after having spent
nine months in your mother's uterus as a Human Body. Your mother's Essence and Personality
controlled all that you did until you were delivered and drew your first breath. At that moment,
your own Essence and Personality entered your body and you became an independent human
     We reincarnate between 500 and 5,000 lifetimes. With this your next to last one, before
you were born this time, you may have lived 4,998 lifetimes before this one. That was a lot of
experience in living, so you had a lot of prior knowledge to go on while growing up in this
lifetime. You also were quite spiritually mature and were therefore uninterested in creating any
more karmic debts. You were reflective in nature and trying to make sense out of your life
experiences. Thus you were interested in shamanism in one of its many manifestations.
     Your Personality is the emotional part of you and still gets quite touched by emotionally
charged situations. That is the part that falls in loves, and resents those who insult you. But it also
knows there must be something in all situations that you can learn from, so it tolerates all new and
difficult situations, considering them lessons to be learned.
     Your Essence is there to guide you through these learning situations, setting them up with
the help of its supervisory CIE. They cause you to meet the people you need to meet, be
challenged by the problems you need to learn to cope with, and learn the lessons you need to learn
in this lifetime. Your Essence alone knows when you have completed this Life Plan and should
"cease to exist." Your Essence makes itself known to you as intuition most of the time, or
through the casual comments of your friends at other times.
     All of this is happening in Physicalspace, as far as you, the Personality, are concerned. But
then you get a terminal illness and you realize that your time to "cease to exist" is coming soon.
This does not bother you as much as it does your family, as you know that you have done all that
you were here to do this time around. So you refuse to be put on life support machines and you
accept your fate gracefully. This is the end of the First Scene of this Play.

Act One, Scene Two
Location: Thoughtspace
     Since your Personality cannot operate without a body, it is in a state of hibernation now.
Your Essence, however, is in constant consultation with the CIE, mainly your Spiritual Guardian
and Spiritual Teacher. You three spiritual entities are reviewing the Master Life Plan and deciding
what kind of a lifetime needs to be lived in your "charge's" last lifetime, so all duties are
completed. You need to have exactly the right family and social structure so the duties can be
accomplished. When all these details have been decided, the plan is put into action and you are
ready for the last incarnation. A suitable mother is found, one with the right genetic DNA for your
perfect body, and a perfect husband to be your father. Their Essences make sure that procreation
occurs so she will become pregnant at the right age, while living in the right locality. 

Act One, Scene Three:
Location: Physicalspace
     Your new mother delivers your body on time and your Essence and Personality are
deposited into the newborn's body by the CIE at the drawing of the first breath. You grow up to
be a delightful daughter to this pleasant set of parents. You are intelligent, healthy and a delight to
have around. You go to school, during which you volunteer to read stories to the elderly in
nursing homes, are on the cheerleading team, and become president of your Senior Class. You are
accepted to a prestigious college on a full scholarship, with your parents expecting you to become
a Rhodes Scholar. You have a number of boyfriends, but do not become sexually active, as you
are waiting for the right man to come along to marry. You are every parent's dream of a
     However, on the night of your high school graduation, you go to a party with your
friends. You have a good time, and leave in high spirits. On the way home, your car is broadsided
by one driven by a drunk driver, and you are the only one killed in the impact. You are DOA on
arrival at the hospital ER and everyone who hears is shocked. The newspaper obituary says that
you were a wonderful student who was "killed prematurely," one who had a great future ahead of
you. No one realized that you died at exactly the right time for your Life Plan, as you were not to
get married and have children, as that would have led to new karmic debts. You had paid off all
your karmic debts, and your account was clean at the time you "ceased to exist." You had
completed your Master Life Plan, according to "The Creator's" schedule. Your Personality had
completed its 5,000th lifetime. Act One is over.

Act Two, Scene One
Location: Thoughtspace
     Since your Essence has completed its tour of duty with your Personality, it is reassigned
by the CIE to another newly splintered off bit of consciousness, a Baby Personality, which it will
then mentor in its series of lifetimes.
     Your Personality, having completed its 5,000 lifetimes on schedule now goes before the
CIE for your promotion ceremony. You are to be promoted to being an Essence yourself. The
CIE find you worthy of that honor and confer upon you a large number of new talents you never
had as a Personality. Among them are a knowledge of the Original Language of all Essences and
CIE, the ability to manage the memory of your charge, full knowledge of the language of the
family into which your charge will be born and the ability to manipulate the immune system of
your charge, among others. You are now graduated from being a Personality to being a Baby
     Then you are assigned your first Baby Personality to mentor. It has absolutely no social
experience, while you have vast experience in many occupations, both genders, many cultures,
and being both heterosexual and homosexual. You know what it was like to be many different
people. Yet your charge is as green as green can be, when it comes to living life among other
human beings. Your job is to teach it to become as talented as you were during your last
Act Three, Scene One
Location: Physicalspace
     This is your first time as the Essence and your job is to mentor a completely inexperienced
Personality in its first body. What a challenge! Fortunately, your Spiritual Guardian is responsible
for picking the family and body into which you will be implanted to have this first experience
running a living, breathing body. 
     When you are born, you find that you are in a body with major physical defects, including
an incurable heart deformity. In spite of all the doctors can do, your body only lives one day and
then "ceases to exist." That was all the two of you could handle the first time out. What your
Personality did experience were the loving human relationships between your charge and the
nurses, and then the loving of unhappy parents. They had so looked forward to your birth and
then felt cheated when the doctors told them to expect the worst. To you, it wasn't the worst, it
was the best that you could do, having had no prior experience with loving caretakers.
     Within a week, you found yourself reincarnated into another baby's body, this one with a
less serious deformity. But you knew you had to go shortly, so you, the Essence, made sure that
your charge's immune system would not cope well with the influenza virus that was available to
infect your body that week. Your charge ceased to exist after a week of being cared for by
wonderful people who loved him dearly. 
     After a series of reincarnations in bodies who lived longer and longer lives, you gained
enough experience to try a life that would live into adulthood. But your charge had no skills in
surviving in a complex society, where more spiritually mature legislators had made all kinds of
rules and laws they expected everyone else to follow.
     So you two entered into a Survival Training period of incarnations, where your charge 
was a homeless man living under a bridge in Santa Cruz, a bag lady with her shopping cart, an
inner city black youth killed in a drive-by shooting, and a series of criminals who just couldn't get
the crime done right and always got caught. Your charge did several terms in prison, including
several for bungled murders. Your idea of guns was "They're for shooting, aren't they?"
     Your charge eventually went through high school, but never had a job one could call a
career. He moved from one low wage job to another, with only the goal of getting by until he got
his next paycheck or gambling winning. He never thought about setting up a retirement plan.
When he did live long enough to collect a pension, it was a small military pension plus Social
Security, which supported him in a veterans' home.

Act Three, Scene Two
Location: Physicalspace
     When you and your charge have learned survival skill, you were then ready for the next
phase of incarnations, in which you had one major occupation for an entire adult life. The first one
is as a Preacher, during which your charge is taught what God wants him to preach to his
congregation. He knew the absolutes in Good and Bad and he tries to always do the Good. But
sometimes his human frailties cause him to sin, and he feels God is judging him harshly. He thinks
of God as a Super Grandfather in the Sky. All the while, you, the Essence, are in constant
communication with your Spiritual Guardian, who, in turn, sometimes asks for a conference with
"The Creator." You are well aware of "The Creator's" attitudes regarding your charge's
behavior. Since all is going according to plan, you allow your charge a great deal of latitude.
     After several lifetimes as a Preacher, becoming in the end somewhat disillusioned with the
role of expert to the masses, your charge becomes a Journalist. Now she spreads the Word of
Truth far around the world, always looking for the easy answer in 30 second sound bites. She gets
rich for standing in front of the TV camera interviewing famous people. She loves it.
     But you know you have to move on, and your next several lifetimes are as a Lawyer. You
even run for Congress and pass the laws which those in the Survival Training mode can't
comprehend. But you know how to reform society and cure all its ills. You know all the rules for
Right and Wrong, as they are now encoded in the legal books you so treasure.
     All this time, your charge is experimenting in all ways. Your charge is sexually
manipulative, aggressive when angered, addicted to alcohol and various drugs, and generally
acting out without taking much personal responsibility for his own behavior. It is always someone
else's fault, or society's fault. The karmic debts are piling up, big time. But, you, the Essence,
know this is unavoidable, and the way your charge must learn, by trial and error. So you let the
errors accumulate. You know they will be paid back later.

Act Three, Scene Three
Location: Physicalspace
     Now that you two have gone through the basic training which all Personalities need to
have, it is time to focus on the particular details of your charge's Master Life Plan. You need to
mentor your charge in living lives appropriate to the Life Plan. Only you know the goals of the
Life Plan. You knew that if your charge was to have the minimum 500 lifetimes, then they must
be filled with a maximum of difficulties and problems, so that your charge could learn a lot in a
short time.
     On the other hand, if you had 5,000 lifetimes to live, then each one would be less intense,
but there will be room for more variety in races, occupations, locations, and social roles. This
would give your charge more chances to become an expert in many fields, for example, if that is
the overall goal.
     This next phase is the one in which there would be a variety of occupations and adult
social roles. Some would be as mentally or physically handicapped, so your charge could learn
how to live with a disability. Some would be as a gay person, some as a straight person. Some
would be as a single person, some as head of a large family. Some would be in prison for life for a
murder your charge didn't commit, and some would be as a prison warden.
     During all this time, your charge would be encouraged to pay back the karmic debts
previously incurred. He would be a staunch Rotarian, raising lots of money for good deeds around
the world. He would support all kinds of charities, and strife to see that no child lacks for a
"normal middle class upbringing." She would collect rewards as Good Neighbor of the Year and
would be a vigorous advocate for all kinds of good causes.

Act Three, Scene Four
Location: Physicalspace
     In this final phase of your charge's incarnations, you, the Essence, have the most difficult
time of all. You need to remind your charge that you are still there. She knew you well during the
early incarnations, especially in the Survival Phase, as you were the only one she could call on
when she was hungry and homeless. But now she has learned how to accumulate wealth and
belongings and has become very materialistic. You need to remind her that she still needs you and 
you need her to listen to you.
     So you set up scenes where your charge becomes disillusioned with materialism and starts
seeking for spiritual values again. During the last dozen lifetimes, you get her interested in
esoteric subjects like shamanism and the anthropology of consciousness. You send her to all kinds
of meetings which are so unorthodox by your culture's standards, she wonders what she is doing
there. But she loves to hear of others who are seeking answers both inside themselves and in the
teachings of those outside the orthodox teaching centers.
     He begins to reflect on what is going on and hears about reincarnation. While he "knows"
it must be nonsense, since it cannot be proven "scientifically," it strikes a chord in explaining why
he is having such troubles with certain people in his profession. During one of the early lifetimes
of this phase, she hears about "old souls" and is sure she is one of them, but that is an ego trip,
not reality. She is still struggling to keep her status, which she worked hard for in her earlier
phases. The pride of being an older soul than someone else is something you, the Essence, have to
help your charge get over. There is no room for pride in this phase. You are who you are, which
makes you no better or worse then someone else who is in a different phase of spiritual
     In another lifetime, he reads a book of history in his field, in which he learns that exactly
the same disputes went on three centuries ago. It is very easy for him to imagine himself being one
of those leading combatants, while his current intellectual opponent is that other one who was so
jealous then of his own success. Now it all makes sense to him. It is just that they have different
names this time around. 
     But he doesn't want to continue this battle in another reincarnation. You, his Essence,
finally see a chance for your charge to settle this battle of wits and power once and for all. He
would like to approach this individual with an olive branch in his hand, asking to be friends
instead of foes. But the other person is in a less mature state, still eager for status and prestige,
and he will not admit you might have a point. Your charge is mature enough accept this person as
he is, and, for him, the conflict is over.
     After you, the Essence, bring to your charge's attention all of those relationship which
require resolution on his part, you are blissful when he finds a way to forgive each and everyone
of them, accept them, and no longer blame them for what harm they might have done to him. All
of those old scores are now settled, by acceptance on your charge's part. The other persons may
not know it happened, but that is a problem for their Essences to deal with.

Act Three, Scene Five
Location: Physicalspace
     When your charge reincarnates the last time, it is a repeat of what you, the Essence, went
through in your last incarnation. You died young, without children to raise, and everyone grieved
at your "premature" passing. But you know that is the way your charge has to go, as she now has
the training to become an Essence herself. So you guide her through this short lifetime, and watch
as she boards the airplane for her graduation gift from high school, a tour of Europe. As you are
with her in the airliner, her parents are leaving the airport, driving home. They hear on the car
radio the news that an airliner which just took off from Kennedy Airport was just reported as
having crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. It appears that all aboard were killed on impact.

                THE END (or is it the beginning?)

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