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  Presented at the 20th Annual International Conference on the
      Study of Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing
                      Santa Sabina Center
                         San Rafael, CA
              August 30 through September 1, 2003
Abstract: All of us have an Essence (a.k.a. soul, spirit, hidden observer). Dr. Sanjoh's Essence is named "Jean-Luis."
Dr. Allison's Essence is named "Michael." Each of them had a last lifetime on earth as a Personality in a human
body many centuries ago. On a recent trip to Rome, Italy, we learned where each of these Essences lived in their last
lifetimes on earth and how and where they died in the first century BCE. How we learned this information will be
the subject of this presentation.

First section by Dr. Allison's:
     Three years ago, I presented to this group a paper called "How Reincarnation Really Works." I described
the sequence of events I had learned from my spiritual teachers about how each new "splinter of consciousness,"
called a Personality, is mentored by an experienced "splinter of consciousness," called an Essence, through 500 to
5,000 lifetimes. After living through progressively more difficult lifetimes successfully, the Personality finally
completes its Life Plan and then graduates to become an Essence itself. It is then endowed with new abilities to
enable it to carry out its new mission as a mentor to another newly minted Personality.
     Two years ago, my presentation was on "The Bipartite Mind: Functional Differences Between the Essence
and the Personality." This time I explained the differences between these two parts of each human mind. They differ
in ways mental (intuition, memory management, problem solving, and perception), physical (sleep, illness,
pregnancy, accident proneness, and death), and social (falling in love and job satisfaction).
     Last year I talked about "My Spiritual Teachers, Faith, Hope, and Charity," who taught me about these
subjects while borrowing the bodies of two of my patients with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), one in Santa
Cruz and one in Davis. Thirteen years after her psychological integration, the one from Davis agreed to write her
story with me, in which we call her "Marie." While writing this tome, I interviewed those three spirits, who call
themselves Faith, Hope & Charity. They said that they were usually called "angels," but they asked me to call them
something more accurate, "Celestial Intelligent Energy" or CIE. So that is what I call them, the CIE of the human
     Each of these three CIE dictated their job description for our book, illustrating how they intervene in every
aspect of human behavior. Faith is a Spiritual Guardian of the Essence (a.k.a. Guardian Angel), Hope is a Spiritual
Teacher of the Guardians, and Charity is a Spiritual Professor of the Teachers. Charity's only overseer is The
Creator, their preferred term for God, Allah, and other such terms.
     In the Winter of 2002, this material was printed as Chapter 30, "Spiritual Helpers and Multiple Personality
Disorder" in a book called NeuroTheology, published by University Press, California, of San Jose.
     My own Essence is named "Michael," the name his parents gave him when he was born as the Personality
in his own last physical lifetime. Following his demise, he was promoted to Essence and given all the new talents
described in my paper on that subject. His first assignment was to be the mentor of my Personality in its first
experience in a human baby's body. He has continued to be my mentoring Essence for almost 5,000 more lifetimes.
     My co-presenter, Dr. Sanjoh, nicknamed Woosie, has an Essence named "Jean-Luis," a French name. Just
why a Japanese obstetrician should have a French-named Essence was a mystery to both of us until this trip to
     In September of 2002, Marie, Woosie and I were all scheduled presenters at the European Congress of
Hypnosis in Rome, Italy. Charity, talking through Marie, had strongly urged us all to go and even picked out the
hotel for us to stay at. She wanted to be able to show us the locations in Rome where Michael and Jean-Luis had
both spent their last personal lifetimes on earth, in their own bodies, sometime before the birth of Christ.
     Woosie flew to Rome from Tokyo while Marie and I flew in from LAX. During the decent into the airport
at Rome, Marie had a revelation as to how Michael and Jean-Luis had lived their final days there. This is what she
told me while we were landing, information told to her by Charity, inside her head.
     It was during the century before Christ was born. Michael was the eldest son of a high Roman official, and
he was expected to take over his father's governmental position when he had safely finished his army career. He was
a mid-level army officer who led his troops in battle and who was a respected leader. One country he had invaded
was Gaul or France.
     Jean-Luis was a French army officer of equivalent rank, whose village and family was destroyed by the
Roman army. He then vowed a blood oath to revenge his family's death. He left his post and went as a spy to Rome,
planning to assassinate the consul, the highest elected official  of the Roman Republic.
     While on one of his trips to Rome, he literally bumped into Michael's younger sister, Ruthea. She felt the
dagger underneath his shirt and knew something was wrong. She started talking to him, and he responded. They
eventually fell in love. After hearing him talk of his dreams and wishes, she knew she had to introduce him to her
brother, Michael. Both were dissatisfied with the constant warfare and wanted to improve the relationship between
their two countries.
     Ruthea's love softened his anger, and she finally introduced Jean-Luis to Michael. They became fast friends
and met often in secret, both in Rome and elsewhere, along with other sympathetic friends. As warriors, they were
expected to kill each other in battle, but now they could not.
     Finally, their friendship became known to both governments, and they were labeled as traitors and
seditionists, too dangerous to both governments' security. They were both beheaded and dismembered, with body
parts of both men buried together in an unmarked grave. They had no coffins, as their parts were just thrown into a
hole and covered with dirt.
     Woosie had arrived in Rome a few days before Marie and I did, so that he could do some sightseeing. He
had walked around Rome and had learned the way from our hotel to the university where the conference was held.
So, on our first day there, Marie and I followed him as we walked to St. Thomas Aquinas University.
     That evening, we decided to walk back to the hotel, again following Woosie. But this time, he missed a
turn, and I found us in a strange section of Rome and thought we were lost. Woosie turned at a strange plaza and
strode confidently along, with Marie and I following him. Since it was getting dark, I asked him if he knew where he
was going. He turned to me and answered, "Don't worry. I've been here three times before." Marie turned and
answered, "Hello there, Jean-Luis."
     Soon we found he had taken us directly to the street leading to our hotel. I later asked him if he had ever
been to Rome before, and he told me this was his first visit there. When I informed him he had told me he had been
there three times before, he thought I was kidding him. He had no memory of telling me that.
     On the next two mornings there, we took the tourist trips through Rome and the Vatican, even seeing the
Pope blessing many married couples. The fourth morning was free for Charity to show us her sights of Rome.
     While sitting in the lobby of Hotel Eden, Charity marked on a map of Rome exactly where she wanted us to
go. She circled the spots where Michael's boyhood home had been and where both Michael and Jean-Luis were
buried. Both were in the park called Villa Borghese, located just across the highway f rom the city wall which was a
couple of blocks from our hotel, all within easy walking distance. Charity asked Woosie and me if we wanted to go
visit these two locations. Woosie was eager to go but I was not too sure. Then I realized that this whole trip was
designed to have both of us see these places, so off we three went, after I had marked our path on the map.
     We walked past the city wall into the park, on the south side of a busy street. At the first intersection, there
is located a statue of Goethe on the north side. Woosie crossed the street to take a picture of it with his digital
camera. Then he walked back to the sidewalk, after a bus narrowly missed hitting him. I was concerned about his
safety and chastised him for taking such a chance.
     Charity then spun around to face the two of us and said in a stern voice, "Now stop your arguing. You have
behaved that way a lot of times in the past and you should just stop it now!"
     I had never heard Charity talk that way before. I realized that she was speaking to two old friends, Michael
and Jean-Luis, not to Ralph and Woosie. I decided to keep quiet and follow instructions. We walked on into the
     We took a right into the depths of the park and then came to a T intersection. Beyond it, there was only a
footpath down into and out of a canoe shaped valley. At the other side of the valley was the city zoo, with a street
parallel to the valley. It seemed to be a very popular place for people to let their dogs run without leashes. Everyone
was having a great time.
     One-third of the way down into the valley, Charity told us that this was the entrance to Michael's boyhood
home. It was a one-story home with each member's bedroom a different building, connected by walkways. Directly
across from where we stood had been Michael's room, located where the zoo's monkey building is now. To the right
was where his younger sister, Ruthea, lived. To the left of Michael's room was the room of his younger brother,
Satorias. Down in the valley was the master suite for his parents. On our side of the valley were the quarters for the
slaves, who were treated exceptionally well by this family.
     Charity told us that, after Michael's death in disgrace, his entire family was dishonored and the house
destroyed. His father went into hiding, but was discovered, put on trial and executed. Ruthea went into servitude
with a cruel family and died a year later. Satorias, the brother also died soon afterwards. All records of this family
were erased from the official records so no one would know they ever existed.
     We then walked through the valley and up the pathway to the zoo on the other side. Charity asked me to
touch a stone at the corner of the monkey cage where Michael's room had been. We looked around the area and
prepared for the rest of the journey.
     Then Marie took over her body, and we walked to the location where the gravesite was supposed to be. She
became very sensitive to signs of death and directed us past the museum to a semicircular park across the street from
the school of architecture building. Trees were planted all around the park, and she said the bodies were buried next
to the third tree from the street. The bodies had been dismembered and all the body parts thrown into the pit, but, at
the top, one arm of each soldier had been placed across the arm of the other soldier. In death, they were still partners.
     Woosie got a headache standing near the burial site, so we walked across the park to sit on a bench. Marie
said that his ailment was appropriate, since he had lost his head there! Charity then took over her body and asked us
to go touch that third tree while standing side by side. She then told us to hug each other, which we did. Then we all
walked back to our hotel, retracing our steps.
     Now you can hear from Woosie how he experienced this trip.

Second Section by Dr. Sanjoh:
Slide #1 here.
     While Ralph Allison and I were in Rome, Charity explained to us some of the history surrounding the lives
of Michael and Jean-Luis. When I returned home to Japan, Jean-Luis insisted that he knew facts which differed
regarding what had gone on during his lifetime, so what I present now comes from his version of the story.
Slide #2 here.
     There was a land called Gallia or Gaul in France during the Era of the Roman Republic.  The pink area in
this picture is Gallia. 
Slide #3 here.
     There was a young Gallian Soldier whose name was Jean-Luis. He was a mid-level ranked Gallian Army
     General Gaius Marius of Rome came across the Rubicon to conquer Gallia.  The Roman soldiers killed
many villagers there, including all of Jean-Luis' family.  
     Jean-Luis was out of town on duty, so he survived. And when he returned, he found all of his family had
been killed in the Roman attack. He vowed a blood oath of revenge on Marius. 
     He had a strong desire to kill Marius, so he wanted to go to Rome as a spy.
     According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Gaius Marius was born in 157 BCE and died in 86 BCE. He was
the most talented general of the Roman army at that time and went into Gaul to save Rome from invasion by
German tribes, the Teutones and the Cimbri, in 102 and 101 BCE. It could have been during these years that his
forces overran the village where lived the family of Jean-Luis.
     Marius was elected the consul of Rome seven times, for a year at a time, in 107, 104-100, and 86 BCE, an
unprecedented rule for any Roman leader. He was also married to the aunt of Julius Cesar. During his last tenure as
consul, he ordered the deaths of many high officials whom he believed had treated him treacherously. By the time of
his death, he was hardly sane.
Slide #4 here.
     Jean-Luis went to the leader of his tribe and asked to be sent to Rome to spy on Roman soldiers. He
succeeded in getting such an order from his leader. He crossed over the Rubicon River with an angry and revengeful
Slide #5 here.
     Jean-Luis entered Rome. Rome was free for foreigners to enter in those days, and no one knew he was an
assassin. Jean-Luis happened to meet a young lady who was the younger sister of Michael. Jean-Luis needed
someone to help him to meet higher class people. At first he thought Ruthea was one who was suitable for that
purpose. So he decided to use her. Ruthea was a beautiful young lady, and Jean-Luis gradually came to love her
deeply. Every time he talked to her, he knew she was wonderful, smart, and precious. He thought he might give up
his revenge.  One day, Ruthea took Jean-Luis to her brother Michael. She knew his mind was changed.  Jean-Luis'
intuition told him at a glance that Michael was to be his best friend for life.  
Slide #6 here.
     So they became very good friends, like brothers. Michael offered to let Jean-Luis stay in his residence, so
they lived together for a while. Those were wonderful days for them. Michael and Jean-Luis learned much from each
other and admired each other. Gradually, they came to think the world around them was not right; they knew battles
were not needed for peace.  Michael sometimes expressed his thought to his Roman friends, in his office, so that
Michael became persona non grata in his own country.
Slide #7 here.
     Their pleasant life suddenly ended with a betrayal by Michael's servant. Michael's father was a high
official in Rome, but he could not protect his son. Michael and Jean-Luis were caught and prosecuted.  
Slide #8 here.
     Presently, I am an obstetrician/gynecologist in Japan and have known Dr. Ralph Allison for 10 years. I have
been treating a dissociating patient with many personalities in my office with supervision by Dr. Allison. Since
hypnosis is a useful tool for everyday practice with dissociators, I have gone to several hypnosis conferences with
Ralph, in Budapest, Munich and Rome.
Slide #9 here.
     Last September, Ralph, Marie, and I went to the European Congress of Hypnosis in Rome Italy, to present
our experiences and knowledge.
Slide #10 here.
     When we lost our way back to the Hotel, Ralph told me that I led Ralph and Marie to the hotel full of
confidence. According to Ralph, I told him, "I have been in Rome three times before, so trust me; I know the way." I
was totally unaware of what I said.  
Slide #11 here.
     In the Borghese Park, there is a beautiful lake and a museum. We learned about Michael, who was the best
friend of my Essence, Jean-Luis, and about where his residence was. While we were walking through the Borghese
Park, I lost my consciousness and went into trance. I felt as if I was Jean-Luis himself. 
Slide #12 here.
     Here is the Map of Roma City.
     Charity wanted to tell us about our Essences when we were talking in the lobby of the hotel. She insisted
that we had to go for a walk in Borghese Park where our beheaded bodies were buried.
Slide #13 here.
     This is the Borghese Museum. In the woods past the museum was the grave where Jean-Luis and Michael
were buried. Marie led us to the small hill and pointed to the place. Climbing the hill, I went more into trance.
Standing on the top, I was Jean-Luis himself.
Slide #14 here.
     I remembered my former life and good friend Michael and his sister Ruthea. She was so beautiful, and I
knew then how I regretted leaving her. My mind, my Emotional Self, was in the present time, but I was totally
confused, and my Logical Self went into centuries ago. Michael and I hugged each other on the top of hill. We were
Michael and Jean-Luis, but not Ralph and Woosie. 
     Afterwards, I felt severe headache and nausea on the way back.
Slide #15 here.
      Back to the hotel, we found that one of the digital photos appeared strange. It was taken of the Goethe
Statue in the Borghese Park. I was in a slight trance and tottered to the center of the road when a bus came through. I
was almost hit by the bus, but I didn't  recognize that danger until Ralph told me. I remember that I wanted to take
photograph of Goethe Statue from across the street. This is how the photo came out. Charity explained that the two
clouds are the Spiritual Guardians, Ruth and Faith. They were on guard to look after me, so Ralph need not have
worried himself so.  
Conclusion: We both had a rare and incredible spiritual experience in Rome. We became convinced of the reality of
our Essences and of our Spiritual Guardians and Teachers such as Faith, Hope and Charity. We will have so many
things to learn from them in the future. This has been a revelation for all of us.

Section 3 by Dr. Allison
     Discussion at home brought forth more information about these people and events. Both Michael and Jean-
Luis were in their 30's when they were executed. Neither were ever married. Both came from leading families and
had attended top schools. Both were expected to follow their fathers' traditions and take on governmental leadership
positions after army service. In the army, they were expected to keep out of harm's way at headquarters. But both
took on fighting roles and were good examples of fighters and leaders of their troops.
     Jean-Luis had to be stopped from assassinating Consul Marius or history would have been changed. Ruthea
had to gain his confidence and change his mood from one of revenge to one of loving her. If Marius had been
assassinated, the Roman government might have become more compassionate, just before the time Jesus was to be
born in Bethlehem. The Roman empire needed to be the ultimate villain, to keep the repression of the Jews intact, to
let the brutality continue. Only in that scenario could Jesus be the one to bring the idea of revival after death to the
world's attention. There had to be a continued buildup of Roman repression to the attempt to destroy the Jews as a
whole nation and culture in 70 AD. Without the expectation of total death of all Jews, Jesus' execution on the Cross
by Roman soldiers would have had no special meaning. So well meaning reformers had to be kept out of power in
the Roman government at that time, but they might have been allowed to operate at a later date.
     Regarding the betrayal itself, Michael and Jean-Luis had gathered around themselves a small group of like
minded reformers. All knew they would be executed if identified and caught. They had all agreed to commit suicide
if their leaders were apprehended. When the two leaders were caught, one of the group, named Zenuitias, was
ordered to behead the two men. The officials suspected he was part of the group and expected him to refuse to
decapitate his friends, thus proving his role in the conspiracy. But he fooled them, cut off the heads of both his
friends, and then committed suicide the next day.
     On the flight home from Rome, I did automatic writing, with me, Ralph, asking questions of Michael, my
Essence. Here is a transcript of those writings:
     "Ralph: OK Michael, is there anything else you would like to say about your life in Rome?
     "Michael: It was great while it lasted. I was in a very responsible position with my government. But I could
not see the sense of killing more people when they did nothing to us. All our leaders wanted was to conquer more
territory and people always lived and worked in those territories. We had to govern those territories we conquered
but the natives hated us with good reason.
     "Ralph: What changed for you when you met Jean-Luis?
     "Michael: He came to me full of love of my sister, of whom I was very fond. He did not come as a soldier
who wanted to kill and humiliate me. He needed a male friend as did I. I saw in him a man of purpose, of honor, but
one who could no longer honorably obey his country's demand to kill on order. He wanted a peaceful existence for
his countrymen. He had seen enough killing and saw it only led to more."
     In today's world, the personality of Ruthea is now the Essence of Marie, the other member of our team in
Rome. The personality of Michael's younger brother, Satorias, has become the Essence of Mike Hogan, a close
personal friend of mine and Marie today. The personality of Zenuitias, the executioner, is now the Essence of John
Mott, my best friend at Heritage Ranch. The wife of Zenuitias, then named Herataineia, is now the Essence of Cathy
Bethel, a good friend to both Marie and myself. 
     Next year, Charity expects Marie, Woosie and me to travel to France to visit the family homesite of Jean-
Luis. In an email to me in French, Jean-Luis identified his hometown as Avignon, a city near the area where Marius
is known to have killed many Teutonic warriors. Woosie does not speak or write French, but that email came to me
from his office computer and he has no memory of writing it. But it was in French and signed "JL." Next year we
hope to return to this group and report to you what we found during that visit.

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