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ABREACTION: The expression of forgotten material in the presence of a therapist. A necessary part of the age regression hypnotherapy of a multiple to neutralize a persecutor alter-personality.

ACCEPTANCE: "Owning" the traumatic memory and its associated emotions by the adult patient. A necessary process after age regression reveals important trauma to an alter-personality.

AGAPE: Love that is spiritual, not sexual, in its nature.

AGE REGRESSION, HYPNOTIC (AGE REVIVIFICATION IN GRADE 5 HYPNOTIZABLE PERSONS): Taking the patient back in time when in trance. Multiples, being highly hypnotizable, will appear to be the youngster (reliving) that actually lived at that earlier date. This is a necessary technique to neutralize persecutor alter-personalities.

ALTER-PERSONALITIES ("ALTERS"): A Mental Entity (ME) created by the ISH/Essence of the patient, by the process of dissociation, for the purpose of operating the body so that the person will survive life-threatening trauma. The ISH/Essence creates them from personality characteristics available to the Original Personality and programs them to perform certain needed survival-oriented functions. Types include:

    A. False-Fronts: These are designed for everyday social functioning and replace the absent Original Personality. These alter-personalities will not be able to process negative emotions such as anger. If the abuse continues, they will develop anger, which they cannot deal with, so the ISH/Essence must create a Persecutor alter-personality to manage the anger.

    B. Persecutors: These alter-personalities are designed to accept, hold, process and express forbidden negative emotions. They commonly make themselves as clones of the abuser, using the defense mechanism of "identification with the aggressor." (If one is the abuser, then one cannot be killed by that abuser.) The Persecutors require most of the reconstructive therapy time, so that they can be neutralized and integrated with the Original Personality.

    C. Helpers: When a Persecutor causes such social trouble that the patient is in danger, the balance of forces is maintained by the ISH creating a specific Helper alter-personality who is assigned deal with that Persecutor.

    D. Handicapped: Some alter-personalities will be developed with "useful" handicaps, such as deafness to avoid hearing parents arguing.

    E. Identifiers: Some alter-personalities will be developed by identification with other persons, such as playmates or caretakers.

BIRTH PERSONALITY: The Emotional Self which existed at birth, bonded to the Essence. (Kanjou in Japanese)

BENIGN IMAGINARY PLAYMATE: A Mental Entity (ME) made by imagination by the Emotional Self, for companionship and advice. It can exist within or outside of the individual who made it. It can be destroyed by its creator as by act of will. It is fueled by human emotions, such as loneliness.

BIP: Acronym for Benign Imaginary Playmate

CELESTIAL INTELLIGENT ENERGY: Full-time residents of Thoughtspace, nonmaterial beings who have never inhabited human bodies of their own. Called Angels by theologians.

CIE: Acronym for Celestial Intelligent Energy

CREATOR, THE: CIE's preferred term for God. All pervasive consciousness, the perfect originator and ruler of the physical and nonphysical universes, the director of all that the CIE do in all regards.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Intelligent energy

DISCHARGE: Release of negative emotions from the patient during hypnosis. Highly hypnotizable patients sense their negative emotions as energy in their bodies and can be instructed to move that "anger energy" out of their body into an object, such as a bottle or can.


DID: Acronym for Dissociative Identity Disorder

EMOTIONAL SELF: That part of the bipartite mind which is originally bonded with the Essence, and which in constantly interactive with the brain and its neurohormones. It is less mature than the Essence, and it responds to stimuli with emotional reactions. (Kanjou in Japanese)

ESSENCE: The spiritual nature of human beings, regarded as immortal, separable from the body at death. When dissociation occurs before the age of seven, the Essence takes on the role of Inner Self Helper (ISH). (Risei in Japanese)

FREEZING THE FRAME: An hypnotic technique used during age regression to a traumatic event. The therapist asks the subject to stop the action of an individual being viewed, go into the person's mind to read their thoughts and perceive their emotions.

IMAGINARY MALIGNANT PLAYMATE: A Mental Entity (ME) created by the imagination of the Emotional Self, fueled by raw emotions, such as anger or revenge. It can reside either within or outside of the human who made it. It can be destroyed by the one who made it by an act of will.

IMP: Acronym for Imaginary Malignant Playmate

INNER SELF HELPER (aka Allisonian ISH): A role needed for disaster control assumed by the Essence of a highly hypnotizable person who dissociates before the age of seven because of life-threatening trauma.

INTERNALIZED IMAGINARY COMPANION: Emotional imaginary creation, either inside or outside the body.

INTUITION: The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition. One function of the Essence of each human.

MENTAL ENTITY: A neutral term for any psychic entity which takes control of the body from the Emotional Self or Essence. This term is meant to include both alter-personalities and all kinds of thoughtforms, such as imaginary playmates.

ME: Acronym for Mental Entity.


MPD: Acronym for Multiple Personality Disorder

ORIGINAL PERSONALITY: The Emotional Self which existed at the age/time when the Essence first dissociated from it. It is the Birth Personality plus whatever traits it has acquired since birth. (Kanjou in Japanese)

PERSONA: pl. personas. The role that one assumes or displays in public or society; one's public image or personality, as distinguished from the inner self. Also known as the Emotional Self, Original Personality, or Birth Personality. (Kanjou in Japanese)

PHYSICALSPACE: The "real world" we inhabit, composed of objects and forces causing them to relate to one another, limited in time and space, with rules governing how objects relate to each other.

PSYCHOLOGICAL INTEGRATION: The process during which all alter-personalities, including the "reformed persecutors," are accepted into the Original Personality as her character traits.

REFRAMING: Finding a more positive point of view of the conflict situation. During age-revivification, the therapist proposes a view that will encourage the patient to neutralize her conflictual feelings, and the patient accepts it. Another term is "Cognitive Restructuring."

SPIRITUAL GUARDIAN OF THE ESSENCE: A CIE who is assigned to 150 Essences, to assign family members, schooling, occupations, and to protect from physical death prior to the end of the Life Plan.

SPIRITUAL INTEGRATION: The process of combining of the Essence with the Emotional Self of the person who was formally suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. This takes place subsequent to Psychological Integration after the Emotional Self had matured to adulthood, emotionally.

SPIRITUAL TEACHER OF THE GUARDIANS OF THE ESSENCES: A CIE who is assigned to 150,000 Spiritual Guardian to teach Essences during sleep and between incarnations.

SPIRITUAL PROFESSOR OF THE TEACHERS OF THE GUARDIANS OF THE ESSENCES: A CIE who is Project Manager for 250,000 Spiritual Teachers and their Guardians and Essences.

THOUGHTFORM: A psychic creation by imagination of the Emotional Self. Varieties include Imaginary Playmates and Companions, possessing evil spirits, and all forms of MEs which anyone's imagination can conjure up. There are no limits to what varieties can be imagined into existence.

THOUGHTSPACE: That nonmaterial universe in which thought is the means of communication, a coexistent universe of energy which is eternal and infinite, and which existed prior to the creation of Physicalspace. The source of all life energy in Physicalspace.

TOUCH ON THE FOREHEAD: A technique a therapist of a multiple can use to bring out a helper alter-personality in a time of crisis. By the therapist touching the "frontal chakra" between the eyebrows, the ISH or a helper alter-personality is enabled to take over control of the body.

WHIMP (Acronym for Whoever Has an Imaginary Malignant Playmate): The person whose Emotional Self uses imagination to create an IMP to hurt someone else.



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