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The Human Essence

Ralph B. Allison, M.D.
P.O.Box 6546
Los Osos, CA 93412-6546

Manual for Six Week Workshop
Unity Christ Church
San Luis Obispo, California
April 6th through May 11, 1998


  1. April 6, 1998: Description of the Essence
    The Credentials of Ralph B. Allison, M.D.
    My First Patient with MPD and Inner Self Helper
    Brain vs. Mind vs. Soul
    A Proviso Regarding the English Language
    Composition of Our Essence
    Life Plans
    Talents of the Essence
    The Essence and the Physical Body
    Why Some Die That Day and Others Are Warned Away
    Intense Urges To Act
    Working Through Friends and Associates
    Use of Dreams

  2. April 13, 1998: Actions of the Essence
    What the Essence Can Do with Its Charge
    Rules We Must Follow or Else
    Life Plans
    The Essence in Charge of the Body
    Job Dissatisfaction
    Memory Management
    Seeing the Whole Picture
    Teaching by Experiences
    Hypnosis Induction
    Creating Physical Diseases
    Miracle Cures
    No Life Support Machines, Please
    Pregnancy and Termination Thereof
    Unwanted Pregnancies
    Fertility Clinics
    Sedative Drugs

  3. April 20, 1998: Paying Attention to Your Essence
    Why Should We Pay Attention to Our Essence?
    Each in Their Own Way
    My Introduction to Michael, My Essence
    Automatic Writing
    Advising Others
    Still, Small Voice Within
    Letting the Essence Take Over the Body
    Naming Your Essence
    Individual Life Plans
    Setting Up Hard Times for Its Charge
    Timing of Contact With the Essence
    Win-Win Answers to Problems
    Two Kinds of Ethics
    Personal Rules of Conduct
    Solving New Crises
    Life Plans Again

  4. April 27, 1998: Exercising of Your Free Will
    Human Free Will
    Combating Free Will
    Free Will and Social Policy
    Job Changes
    Accident Proneness
    Negative Hallucinations
    Physical Illnesses
    Coping with Stubbornness
    Dealing with Parents
    Turned Essences
    Producing Turned Essences
    Why Free Will in Humans?
    Limits on Free Will

  5. May 4, 1998: Physicalspace v. Thoughtspace
    Thoughtspace Versus Physicalspace
    Characteristics of Physicalspace
    Characteristics of Thoughtspace
    Meeting the Supervisors of the Essences
    Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE)
    Spiritual Guardian of the Essences, as Described by Faith
    Spiritual Teacher of the Guardians of the Essences, as Described by Hope
    Spiritual Professor of the Teachers of the Guardians of the Essences, as Described by Charity Conclusions of Becky, the Essence, and the CIE, Faith, Hope, and Charity
    Charity's Principles to Live By

  6. May 11, 1998: Reincarnation
    Human Consciousness is Eternal
    Christianity and Reincarnation
    Belief in Reincarnation Revived
    The First Humans
    Upgrading an Emotional Self to an Essence
    Names of Essences
    Baby Essences
    Remembering Past Lives
    Survival Training
    First Occupations
    Adolescence and Karmic Debts
    Adult Lives, Paying Back Karmic Debts
    Reflection Phase
    Fate of Turned Essences
    Population Control
    Evolution of Society
  7. . Addendums
    The Great Deception
    The Great Teacher


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