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           Spiritual Helpers of Humankind Appearing 
         in Patients With Multiple Personality Disorder
                     Ralph B. Allison, M.D.
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                          Submitted to
                 Anthropology of Consciousness
                           April 1999Abstract
     During 25 years of working with highly hypnotizable patients with Multiple Personality
Disorder, the bodies of two of these women were borrowed by four different types of spiritual
entities. One identified itself as the Essence of the patient's Personality, and the others were its
supervisors, who called themselves Celestial Intelligent Energy or CIE. The three CIE were the
Spiritual Guardian, Teacher, and Professor. Functions of the Essence are described. Job
descriptions of the CIE are presented. They report how they serve "The Creator" in assisting us
humans in fulfilling and completing our Life Plans. While each Essence shifts back and forth
between Physicalspace (the material world) and Thoughtspace (the nonmaterial world), the CIE
are full-time residents of Thoughtspace. However, the CIE have great influence on what happens
to humans in Physicalspace.
Key words: multiple personalities, spirits, essence, dissociationIntroduction
     In the first edition of this journal, I reported on my interviews with spiritual entities who
borrowed the bodies of my patients with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) (Allison, 1985). I
called the first one to appear the Inner Self Helper (ISH) and its supervisors "Higher Helpers."
Now, 15 years later, a follow-up report of what I have learned about and from these entities is
Entering the Land of the Multiples
     The first patient I diagnosed as having MPD came to my office in Santa Cruz, California,
in 1972. She presented both an Eve White and an Eve Black alter-personality (Thigpen and
Cleckley, 1957). However, the most important entity she showed me was what I came to call an
Inner Self Helper (ISH) (Allison and Schwarz, 1980). In my medical and psychiatric training,
nothing had been said about MPD and nowhere in the psychiatric literature could I find anything
about what the ISH might be. Even though I had no idea what it was, I welcomed it as a co-
therapist in my attempt to treat a patient for whom I had no treatment plan.
     My first awareness of this first "multiple's" ISH was on a tape recording she made in the
privacy of her home, which she played for me at our next therapy session. In that recording, I now
find mention of several of the functions I have learned that the ISH has in all such patients
(Allison and Schwarz, 1980:53-55).
     The ISH said, "I know everything that's happened. I know everything that you don't
know." This indicates her involvement in the patient's memory management.
     "I'm just trying to help you. Because I'm strong. I'm strong, but I have to have your
confidence and I have to have your belief in me that we can, you and I, get rid of Sylvia (the Eve
Black alter-personality) for good. I mean from now on, so she can never return again, 'cause she
doesn't know me. She's not aware of me. She doesn't know about the phone call." This indicates
her protective and healing functions, as well as her ability to be unknown to some alter-
     "If Dr. Allison knows, if he knows there's two of us against Sylvia then he'll be able to
help you better." This indicates an ability to work with the therapist as co-therapist.
     "If you and I work to help you, we will be one, not two but just one. But see, I'm the side,
I'm the part that can help, if you'll just let me. I'm the part that you fight. You fight me. You put
all your energies to fight me when you should be fighting Sylvia. . . . But I need your strength as
much as you need mine. I'm just a part of it, and you're just a part of it. But together we can be
the whole." This indicates that the normal state of affairs would be integration of the ISH with the
Personality, but that the Personality's use of Free Will interferes with their cooperation with the
ISH while dissociated.
     "I've got the strength, all the strength that you need, if you'll just allow it. Just let yourself
accept it, that you are all the things that Sylvia isn't, and that we are two against her one, and that
we can become one solid person, that loves, that cares, that knows God. . . . You never let
yourself see good. But God's there, he stands by. He's there. You could accept Him. I have."
This indicates tremendous potential power and a linkage to the Divine.
     Each personality and the ISH completed a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.
Whereas Janette's (the Eve White alter-personality) diagnosis was Dissociating (Hysterical)
Personality, the ISH's report was "essentially within normal limits and would serve to verify or
clarify other evidence of normalcy. Self appraisal seems too faultless and suggests more coping
problems than is admitted by the patient. This signifies a strong will that does not easily tolerate
interference or strict control. Patient's positive traits are described as adventurous, frank,
individualistic, socially forward, enthusiastic, generous, fair-minded, and verbally fluent." (Allison,
     Janette moved to another state during therapy and, to the best of my knowledge, she never
completed integration of her personalities, nor of her ISH. She demonstrated that, in patients with
MPD, there often is a dissociated ISH. This spiritual entity can be counted on to aid the therapist
if he or she will but listen and follow what the ISH knows is necessary to regain the patient's
mental health.
     In numerous subsequent patients with MPD, I interviewed their ISHs and worked with
them in therapy. Most of our discussions had to do with what needed to be done in therapy, but
occasionally I would ask the ISH about her own background. Every ISH I so interviewed
described a past physical lifetime she had as a Personality in her own body, prior to becoming the
mentor of the Personality of my dissociated patient. Obviously, they were describing reincarnation
as a fact of life. 
     One ISH told me of her last lifetime as the Personality of a squaw in a Native American
tribe. In that previous lifetime, she herself had MPD. She had integrated because of the treatment
of the tribal Medicine Man, thus becoming an expert on the disorder herself. That was why she
was so good at helping her current "Charge" cope with MPD while under my care.
     Then I met a patient with MPD I have called "Elise." She was the most highly
hypnotizable and psychic patient I had met up to that time. When in crisis, she switched alter-
personalities in every few seconds, which mandated many hospitalizations. Her ISH gave her
name as Charity. When I asked Charity when she had last had her own physical body, she told me
that she had last been in the body of a Christlike figure in the Aztec civilization many centuries
ago. This was not the story I was used to hearing from other ISHs. Later, I learned that the
person whose body she inhabited was apparently Quetzalc•atl, a mythological Aztec god-king
from the 3rd to 8th century CE.
     Charity told me she also operated a "school for spirits" in which her students stayed for
200 years. During a crisis with Elise, I met two of her students when they used her body to come
out to talk to me. One identified herself as Faith, and the other as Hope. I met each of them just
once. They each tried to help me in my treatment of Elise, but I didn't consider their suggestions
particularly useful at the time.
     Elise finally achieved integration, and both of us moved on. I moved to Yolo County,
California, in 1978. There I met "Marie," another highly hypnotizable woman with MPD and an
ISH named Becky. Marie and Becky had dissociated at six months of age, and Becky then created
69 alter-personalities to run the body. The Original Personality had been absent from the physical
body for the past 30 years. During the month prior to the integration of all alter-personalities with
her Original Personality, Faith, Hope, and Charity all came forth and talked to me again, this time
by borrowing Marie's body. The Original Personality had been "raised" by them in their "own
realm" where they prepared her for living in our physical world after I arrived in town to do the
needed integrative therapy. They knew a six-month-old infant Original Personality could not be
expected to be able to operate a 30-year-old body when suddenly thrust into it. She had been
trained in basic social skills by Faith, Hope, and Charity, whom she called "my Moms," during the
previous 30 earth years.
     I avoided bringing up my experiences with Elise and these three spirits, hoping to trick
them into revealing who they really were. In spite of my skepticism, it soon became apparent that
they were the exact same spirits I had met while talking to Elise, as they knew all about Elise and
all about me, as well. I had no secrets from them.
     During my three years in Yolo County, I succeeded in psychologically integrating Marie.
Becky was still dissociated from Marie, the now-integrated Original Personality. Becky came out
to talk to me any time she wanted to. Faith, Hope, and Charity also came out and borrowed her
body to talk to me whenever they wanted to. I did not call on them. They chose the time and
place to speak to me. Marie could object to their borrowing her body if she was very insistent, but
they eventually got their way by putting her into deep trance whenever they wanted to contact me
directly. When they were done, Marie would find herself in front of me, wondering what had
happened. This was always done in private, so there would be no cause for embarrassment. They
were always looking after her best interests.
     I left Marie and Yolo County in 1981 to live and work in San Luis Obispo County. When
I retired in 1994, I contacted Marie to see if she would cooperate with me in writing her life story.
She agreed, and we started writing a book about her life. Actually, the primary informant was
Becky, who knew everything that had happened to everyone since the day Marie was born. 
     During my contacts with Marie since then, Becky, Faith, Hope, and Charity have
borrowed Marie's body whenever they wanted to, to educate me on matters of importance to
them and to me. First, I had to decide what to call all of them, as their roles in Marie's life needed
to be described in the manuscript we were writing. Becky told me that she liked my term, ISH, for
herself, but only for during the time Marie had been dissociated and was operating with alter-
personalities. She considered ISH a job title, equivalent to Damage Control Officer in the military.
Now that the damage had been repaired, she reverted to the job she had at the beginning of
Marie's life.
     In reading philosophical and psychological literature, I soon realized that there have been
and are a number of names applied to the likes of Becky, such as soul or spirit. She felt those
terms had been contaminated by our current usage and wanted me to call her the Essence of
Marie. Becky always called Marie her Charge. In my own writings, I commonly use two different
pairs of words for the two "parts" of the human mind, which have traditionally been called the
mind and the spirit. Sometimes I use the terms Emotional Self and Intellectual Self when speaking
qualitatively. Other times I use Personality and Essence. The most ancient pair of terms I found
were Plato's Irrational Soul and Rational Soul (Stone, 1997).
     When I asked the three spirits what they wanted to be called, Faith asked to be called the
Spiritual Guardian of the Essences. Hope preferred to be called the Spiritual Teacher of the
Guardians of the Essences. Charity wanted to be called the Spiritual Professor of the Teachers of
the Guardians of the Essences. When I needed a group identity label, Charity and I discussed the
options at length, and she finally agreed they could all be called Celestial Intelligent Energy or
CIE.  She told me they were all energy, and intelligent energy at that. In religions, they had been
called angels, but that comes from "messenger" in Greek. They wanted me to know that they
were far more than mere messengers from "The Creator," for whom they all worked.
     When the manuscript was completed, Becky decided that Marie, who had been employed
for eight years as a clerical worker in Sacramento, needed to move on to another job. She was
hired at a state agency in Central California and moved to San Luis Obispo County to live. Since
then I have been able to observe what Marie, the Emotional Self and Personality, does all by
herself, and what Becky, her Intellectual Self and Essence, has to do for her. Never before has a
dissociated person been available for such long-term observation, while operating as a "normal
person" in an ordinary American society setting. During these last four years I have been with her
in various social settings where I have learned which psychological tasks Marie can do by herself
and which ones require the services of Becky.
     To complete the manuscript, I needed the job descriptions of Faith, Hope, and Charity,
and they dictated those for my benefit. Since then, they have demonstrated those duties in many
ways in their dealings with me, Marie, and our friends.
Physicalspace and Thoughtspace
     Before I can explain what these four nonmaterial entities do, I must explain where they
operate. They constantly referred to "your realm" and "our realm," in speaking about where they
operate. To make it clear in my writings, I had to invent new words to avoid archaic concepts
contaminating what they were teaching me. Since Cyberspace had become a favorite term in our
world of computer hardware and software, I decided to use the terms Physicalspace and
Thoughtspace to label "my realm" and "their realm."
     Physicalspace is the physical world as we traditionally know it, at least in the past four
centuries of scientific exploration. It is the world of discrete things and the forces which relate
them to each other. Those forces are gravity, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force and the
strong nuclear force. These can be called "dumb energy," as they need human consciousness to
direct where they go when in action. It is limited in time and space, with the fastest speed possible
being that of light. Communication between inhabitants is by voice, telephone, telegrams, fax
machines and mail, with email becoming more popular. The experts in understanding the rules and
procedures are primarily physicists, along with chemists, biologists, and other "hard science"
experts. They devote their careers to discovering the rules which govern how everything works.
     Thoughtspace is what has been called heaven/hell/purgatory by religions, the Spirit World
by shamans, and the Astral Plane by Theosophists. In Thoughtspace there is no time or space, as
all is eternal and infinite. There are no discrete entities, as all is interconnected and interrelated.
The entire "space" is made up of "intelligent energy," which is consciousness. The entire
"universe" is both "The Creator" and made by "The Creator." That which is made is the same as
That which made it. There are no rules in Thoughtspace, as all actions are decided on a case-by-
case basis. We physical beings enter it in sleep, meditation, lucid dreaming, religious ecstasy and
mystical experiences, and when we "cease to exist," as the CIE prefer to call bodily death. There
is a massive amount of energy in Thoughtspace, but of a sort which is unmeasurable by any
physical instrument.
     According to the CIE, Thoughtspace has always been here, and Physicalspace came into
being next. Physicalspace was created by "The Creator" and will continue as long as "The
Creator" wishes for it to be in existence.
Free Will
     Each Essence and Personality is a "fragment" of the consciousness of "The Creator." "The
Creator" gave each fragment Free Will to ignore the instructions of "The Creator." Each human
has been assigned a specific Master Life Plan by "The Creator," with one portion to be played out
in each physical incarnation. This is the set of instructions which "The Creator" desires each
human Personality to live by, and the Essence knows the content of the Life Plan of its Charge.
The Personality does not know for sure his or her Life Plan in advance of attempting to fulfill it.
     The Personality is attached to the human brain, which contains nerve cells and
neurohormones, including sex hormones. Therefore, each Personality has a sexual identity and
capacity for human emotions, such as anger, lust, jealousy, and eroticism. Free Will and
emotionality go hand in glove, as emotionality is the primary reason humans exercise their Free
Will. Personalities spend much of their time pursuing unwise activities because they have decided
to exercise their Free Will for emotional reasons.
     While the Essence has the capacity for exercising Free Will, it has neither sexual identity
nor emotionality. It thinks, plans, and decides, but it does not emote. It can have very strong
convictions on various subjects, but it has no feelings about those subjects. It usually foregoes
exercise of its Free Will, but, when it chooses to continually exercise its Free Will, it becomes a
"turned Essence."
Residency Status
     The Personality feels at home in Physicalspace and is a stranger when in Thoughtspace.
The Essence moves readily between Physicalspace and Thoughtspace every day. It is our bridge
of consciousness between the two realms. During the day, the Essence must be fully in attendance
in its Charge's body in Physicalspace, trying to persuade the Personality to complete and fulfill its
Life Plan. But, at night, during nondream sleep, up to 97% of the Essence can leave the body for
retraining and instructions in Thoughtspace. During dreams, it tries to inform the Personality of
the actions needed to be done the following day.
     The CIE are full-time residents of Thoughtspace. Faith, Hope, and Charity are examples
of three CIE who have been assigned by "The Creator" to work with human beings in
Physicalspace. They use various methods to communicate with and manipulate humans whom
then believe need their influence. Taking over the bodies of very highly hypnotizable persons like
those with MPD is one method they can use to influence those humans they are assigned to. They
can also make "holographic images" of humans, animals, gnomes, and fairies to communicate
with humans who are more comfortable communicating with such "beings." They can take over
the body of a friend or relative who then says something inspirational without knowing why.
The World of Human Imagination
     If all humans on earth were to disappear tomorrow, Physicalspace and Thoughtspace
would continue to exist. But there is another "universe" which would slowly fade away and
dissipate. That is the World of Human Imagination, which is an "interface universe" between the
other two. It is a universe totally populated by creations of human imagination, and its very
existence depends on the continued thoughts and belief systems of humans over the centuries. It is
the world of mythology, tribal gods, emotional heavenly beings with dysfunctional families, and
other anthropomorphic entities. It is a world which humans have created out of their emotional
and intellectual needs since they came to be upon this globe.
     Throughout history, there has been a problem telling the difference between what is in
Thoughtspace and what is in this World of Human Imagination. The main difference is that the
residents of Thoughtspace have no capacity for the possession or expression of human emotions,
such as jealousy, rage, or revenge. So when "spiritual beings" are said to possess such human
emotions, they are creatures of this World of Human Imagination. 
     This World of Human Imagination contains what are called Thought-forms in
parapsychology (Bradley, 1991:616-617). They have a degree of independent existence after the
demise of their creators, but they do not last forever. They are like the smoke from a bonfire,
which exists for a while in the sky after the fire has been extinguished on the ground. Eventually,
the winds will carry the smoke particles away and dissipate the cloud that formed from the fire
itself. Neither smoke nor Thought-forms have an internal structure of their own to hold them
together. Thought-forms need humans to continue contributing their own emotions and thoughts
into them to maintain their form and function. Without these continued human contributions, they
would disappear.
Learning About the Functions of the Essence
     While we were writing the book of Marie's life, Becky explained exactly what she did to
bring about each desired result, such as the appropriate memories at the right time in therapy. I
also spent time with Marie in everyday activities in society, noting what she could and could not
do by herself. When I found some function she could not do, I would check with Becky to find
out if that was a function of the Essence instead of the Personality. Becky would explain to me
what Marie could do and what she, Becky, had to do to perform a complex mental function
Some of the Bodily Functions of the Essence
     The Essence is the Ki, the Kundalini, the Chakras, being the Life Force itself. Therefore, it
has full control over all physical functions, which it first manipulates through the pineal gland,
which produces the hormone melatonin. It also communicates to all organs in the body via the
endorphin system (Pert, 1997). This is in addition to the communication system provided by the
central and peripheral nervous systems.
     The Essence can manipulate the immune system to cause the body to become ill with any
virus or bacteria in the environment. It decides how long the human is to be sick and then starts
the healing and recovery process at the proper time. When its Charge's Life Plan is completed, it
will shut the body down to cause it to cease to exist. If the body is put on life support machines,
the Essence may become quite dissatisfied and develop an "attitude problem," which may be
manifested in its next incarnation by antisocial actions in childhood. It knows how and when to
cause the body to cease to exist, but it does not know how to cope with machine supported
breathing and blood circulation. While the patient is in coma, the Essence goes back to
Thoughtspace for a crash course on the subject.
     The Essence of a woman decides when she is to become pregnant. It can prevent
pregnancy, regardless of the exposure. If her Essence does not allow pregnancy to occur, that is
because such is not included in her Life Plan. The existence of fertility clinics is disapproved of in
Thoughtspace, since such clinics can only deliver the bodies of babies. The CIE then have to
scurry around to find an available Personality and Essence. This requires major juggling of an
already complexly planned distribution system.
     If the Life Plan of the woman includes her experiencing a pregnancy, but she is not ready
to raise a child, her Essence will continue the pregnancy for a while and then institute a
spontaneous abortion. If she is to go full term but not raise the child, the CIE will refrain from
delivering any Personality or Essence to the fetus, and it will be stillborn. Thus, from the point of
view of Essences and CIE, abortions are unnecessary. The Essence will abort a fetus if the woman
should not bear a child. If they do not abort, then that child was meant to be born, to fulfill and
complete the Life Plans of both the mother and the child, as well as of other associated humans.
     The CIE report that there is no Essence or Personality in a fetus in utero, as the mother's
Essence takes care of all the needs of the contents of her uterus. The baby's Essence and
Personality enter the infant's body when it takes its first breath after delivery. Only then is it a
complete person, with the traditional body, mind and spirit intact and integrated.
Some of the Mental Functions of the Essence
     Since the Prime Directive of each Essence is to keep the child alive until he or she has
completed and accomplished his or her Life Plan, it must have all the abilities needed to
accomplish that task. Each Essence started out as a fragment of "The Creator's" consciousness
and completed a full series of lifetimes as a Personality. When its last lifetime was completed, this
fragment of consciousness was upgraded to become an Essence. This upgrading included the
implantation into it certain abilities not contained in any Personality. Nevertheless, it did not lose
any of the talents or traits it had as a Personality. However, in its new role as mentor to a Baby
Personality, it is no longer connected to the brain's neuronal system or neurohormones.
Therefore, it no longer has a sexual identity and can no longer emote. It can remember back to its
own lifetimes when it felt male or female, and when it could emote like all humans do.
     One function given to each Essence prior to its new career in Physicalspace is knowledge
of the Original Language, which is Ancient Sanskrit. This is what might be called a
"metalanguage," a language from which and into which all other languages can be translated. It is
massively complex since in Thoughtspace there are no facial or other bodily movements to
indicate subtleties of meaning, and each thought must be precise, so no misunderstanding can
occur. For example, while in English we have one word, LOVE, for affectionate feelings between
two persons, and in Greek there are eight such words, in the Original Language there are about
1500 words for love. This is the language that Essences use to communicate with each other and
with the CIE. 
     Since each Essence must be able to understand from birth what the caretakers of the baby
say, it is given a full vocabulary of the native language of the birth family. It knows when the
mother is saying loving things, or when it is telling the baby how much it hates her and wants to
kill her. The Essence can also interpret the facial expressions of all humans, so as to be prepared
for any hostility toward its Charge. This is during a phase of neurological development when the
baby's eyes only see shadows when looking at mother or father. The Essence does not use the
physical eyes to see people, and it is also communicating with all Essences of all caretakers, to
learn of their intentions toward its Charge.
     The Essence is the Memory Manager for the Personality (Allison, 1996). It acts as a
recorder of all perceptions which cannot come to the neurological system from sensory end
organs, such as unspoken thoughts and felt emotions. It also moves all appropriate memories
from the organic brain memory system, which includes the hippocampus, amygdala and thalamus,
into storage in Thoughtspace in the Akashic Records (Bradley, 1991:7). It records everything that
the human experiences as he or she experiences it, but most of that which is recorded is never
returned to the brain to be a recalled conscious memory. But, if some specific memory is needed
in therapy at a later date, it is in storage in the Akashic Records to be recalled if the Essence and
the CIE agree for it to be recalled. All memories are coded on the basis of safety of recall.
Pleasant memories can be recalled without problems, but unpleasant memories must be approved
by the CIE before being allowed to be recalled, and then only at the safest time and place.
     The Essence is the source of all intuitive ideas and impulses. It provides the Personality
with awareness of dangers to avoid, as well as impulses to go where the person will meet
someone who will fit into their Life Plan.
     Whereas the Personality is the source of "emotional imagination," the Essence is the
source of "inspirational imagination." When the two are combined, works of genius result. The
subject of inspirational imagination comes from Thoughtspace, from the Akashic Records. The
CIE know what needs to be discovered, and they implant the ways to discover it into the
consciousness of the potential discoverers. Sometimes, the CIE want to make sure that a certain
invention will be invented at a specific time and so "cover their bets" by having two different
inventors working on the problem at the same time. When both foreswear using Free Will and
keep on schedule, they both invent the same device the same week and share in the awards and
recognition. This happens when the invention is so important it must be invented at that point in
     The truly inspired artists, musicians, and writers all describe how the pictures, music or
words just flow into their minds, and they just have to put it down in physical form. These "new
works" were already composed in Thoughtspace and transmitted by the CIE and Essences to the
appropriate artists to produce and perform them.
     The Essence can cause its Charge to have either positive or negative hallucinations, just as
can be done in hypnosis with highly hypnotizable people. We each see what our Essence wants us
to see. If an Essence wants its Charge to have a physical injury for some educational reason, it can
make the Personality not see a rock in the path, which he then stumbles over, breaking his ankle.
He literally did not see that rock, because his Essence gave him a negative hallucination of it.
     On the other hand, the Essence can cause its Charge to see anything that needs to be seen,
from flying chariots in the sky above to the inside of a UFO. Out-of-body experiences are
produced this way, as a teaching experience for the Personality. The person is not really up in the
air over his or her body in the operating room while the surgeon is trying to stop the hemorrhage.
The Essence is giving the Personality a full sensory experience which convinces him or her that he
or she is above the operating room table about to die. This gives the Personality the push needed
to decide to live and "come back into his body." Without such imagery, the Personality might not
be willing to overcome his or her emotional resistance at continuing to live in that body. It is used
as a necessary teaching device for the Personality by the Essence.
     Each Personality must have a set of rules to live by, or it goes into a panic. This is what is
known as using the "Legal Ethical" way to solve problems. If you look up the answer in the book
of approved methods and follow it, there will be no complaints you didn't "do it by the book."
Everyone will be happy with you, even if the method did not work this time. But you followed the
rules, so you can't be blamed for the poor results. The result is often a Win-Lose or Lose-Lose
     But the Essence of each of us has no rules to follow and has a full range of choices to
select from in order to solve the problem in a Win-Win manner. The Essence looks at the current
situation and uses the "Situational Ethical" way of solving problems. It ignores what happened in
a somewhat similar situation in the past, as the exact same factors are not present this time. Each
party to the problem is evaluated, each person's Essence is interviewed, and each person's Life
Plan is taken into account. Only when all present factors are considered is a judgement made as to
which action to take. This takes no time, since it is being done in Thoughtspace, where time does
not exist. The Personality suddenly "knows" what to do to solve the problem, odd as the solution
might sound. But when he or she does it, it works, and that is what count.
     During non-dream sleep, each Essence is 97% gone into Thoughtspace, getting informed
of new facts about the world in which we live, so it can do its job well the next day. This is its
time for "inservice training." It uses the dream time to communicate information to its Charge, the
Personality, if that person is one who pays attention to his or her dreams. If not, the Essence has
to use other methods during the daytime to get the same information across. This means that each
Essence uses a symbol system which is understandable to its Charge, since there is no universal
symbol system all of us somehow know already. The messages related to what we should do upon
awakening are in the dreams we have just before waking up.
     If the Personality does not pay attention to the soft but insistent warnings of the Essence
and still exercises Free Will, resulting in a potential lethal situation, the Essence can take over the
body and get it out of harm's way. This will happen only when all other methods of preservation
have failed, and the time to cease to exist is not yet here. The Essence will take over driving the
car just as it reaches the edge of the cliff, stop it, back it up, and drive it to the hospital emergency
room. Once the Essence has given the story of the suicide attempt to the admitting psychiatrist, it
submerges, permitting the Personality to orient himself or herself to the psychiatric ward,
wondering how he or she ever got there in the first place.
Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE)
     I have previously referred to the supervisors of the Essences, the full-time residents of
Thoughtspace, named Faith, Hope, and Charity. These were names they first used when raising
Marie in Thoughtspace. Their names in the Original Language were too complex for the infant
Original Personality, Marie, to use.
     The CIE report that they have been on duty monitoring and manipulating all humans since
the inception of our world by "The Creator." They are blissful to be working with and for "The
Creator," whom they worship. However, they do not wish for us to worship them, the CIE. They
are not doing their jobs because they want us humans to bow down and worship them, as has
happened in many ancient cultures. They only want us to cooperate with them. They are only
doing their jobs.
     Each CIE has a specific role to play in the operation of the universe, but there is no
hierarchy, in the sense there is in our human culture. No one is the boss, having the power to hire
and fire the others. They are more like the various wheels in a fine watch, all working in
coordination for common goals. None is more important than any other, but each relates to the
others in specific ways, depending on their duty. The CIE have been here for all eternity and can
report what they did in cultures in previous eras. They were there, so they are first hand reporters. 
     Since they have no time or distance in their universe, they can be all places at the same
time. They can prepare for actions of humans long before those humans know such actions will be
needed. They are always watching each and every one of us and are interceding whenever they
believe intervention is needed, to keep us on our Life Plans, and to keep us safe from bodily
destruction, at least until our time to cease to exist has arrived. When that time comes, they will
help the Essence use any means available to terminate our earthly existence and bring us home to
Thoughtspace. There they will prepare us for our next earthly reincarnation.
     The duties and responsibilities of each of the CIE are as follows.  None of the Spiritual
Guardians, Teachers or Professors have ever had a physical body of their own.
Spiritual Guardian of the Essences, as Described by Faith
     "Whereas the Essences have responsibility for one human charge, we, the Spiritual
Guardians of the Essences, are responsible for 150 of the Essences. Our duties and responsibilities
are as follows: 
     "We are called Spiritual Guardians of the Essences because we protect and guard.
Therefore, that is our title.
     "Our prime responsibility is to protect our Essences at all costs. When the energy of an
Essence has been depleted while protecting their charge, it is unable to sustain any further psychic
assault. A psychic assault is when a 'turned Essence' is trying to destroy the Essence of another
human. We, as Guardians, must take drastic steps to protect the Essence we are supervising. We
can physically remove the body from the place of the psychic assault. We can also make the
human fall asleep.  We can convince the human with the 'turned Essence,' who is doing the
psychic assault, to feel that the argument or discourse has been finished. This is our most
important and Prime Directive, to protect and guard the Essences under our guidance.
     "We create situations in which the human needs to make important decisions. If the
Essence has been unable to direct their charge to the point of taking appropriate action, we will
step in. Situations will include a career direction, for example. We will send other humans into the
path of the human that we need to change. We will have that human say or do something that
brings about the change required. 
     "Another important function is to pick the family that the human will be born into. That
way the human's Life Plan will be started properly. We pick the culture, social group, parents, and
siblings with whom the human will experience all that is needed to complete their Life Plans. In
the course of the human growing, we also send boyfriends and girlfriends into the humans' lives as
lessons to be learned in social and romantic experiences. We also send to the humans the best
friends, who are actually part of the 150 Essences that we supervise. That is why when humans
meet their closest friends and feel as if they have known those humans before, it is because they
have. They are part of the humans' existence of all prior lives before.
     "We choose the humans' mates or significant others to create learning situations. There
can be many different kinds of learning situations. This includes all manners of relationships,
including heterosexual or homosexual pairing. It could be learning to live with an emotional or
mentally ill  human. It could also be experiencing the life as a mate to someone who is
significantly disabled. We also know if one mate is enough or if the human will have several
mates. In either context, it is all part of growing and learning in this Life Plan. 
     "We also have chosen specific jobs or positions that each human is to be involved in. We
will direct and change those job situations that best suit your needs. If the specific job the human
is in becomes unbearable, that is because we have stepped in and are making it so. Your Life Plan
does not include that position or job anymore. That is the time that all humans need to listen to
their Essences.
     "We also are called, in human terms, 'Guardian Angels,' but that is incorrect wordage for
ourselves. We do protect and guard the Essences, and we will perform 'miracles,' such as
extracting a human from a horrible accident. We, as Guardians of the Essences, have a full variety
of Essences to supervise. We have immature ones who are on their first assignments, who are
called 'Baby Essences.' We have Essences that do not cooperate with our teaching and become
rebellious and therefore turn their charge into doing some criminal acts. Those are called 'turned
     "Each Essence, having had prior lives as humans, has been granted Free Will by 'The
Creator.' This means that any Essence may choose to ignore the advice and training of the CIE,
who are assigned to implement the directives of 'The Creator.' A 'turned Essence' ignores the
teachings of the CIE and exercises Free Will alone." 
Spiritual Teacher of the Guardians of the Essences, as Described by Hope
     "To perform a 'miracle,' the Spiritual Guardian of the Essences combines with another
CIE, 'The Spiritual Teacher of the Guardian of the Essences.' Each Teacher is responsible for
150,000 Spiritual Guardians.
     "We Spiritual Teachers are in charge of all education of the Guardians and of the Baby
Essences. When they arrive at our school, the first avenue is to implant into the Baby Essence the
entire language of ourselves, the CIE. That way, we are able to communicate without
misinterpretation. Once the Baby Essences have become implanted with our language, they are
sent to their Guardian. We instruct the Guardians regarding where each Essence is to be placed in
Physicalspace, when each Essence will arrive again in Thoughtspace, and how long the next
physical life of each Essence will last.
     "We constantly teach the Guardians new and improved information regarding changes in
culture and environment into which the Essences have been assigned. We also are responsible
regarding all of humans' Physicalspace educational resources. We have the responsibility for
housing and training of rebellious 'turned Essences.' They are given added training and
opportunity for additional growth before they are allowed to be reincarnated into another human
form again." 
Spiritual Professor of the Teachers of the Guardians of the Essences, as Described by
     "When the Spiritual Teacher joins with the Guardian to perform 'miracles,' they may need
to be joined by the other CIE. Her title is the 'Spiritual Professor of the Teachers of the Guardians
of the Essences.'
     "We Professors are responsible for 250,000 Teachers. We are responsible for the 150,000
Guardians that each of these Spiritual Teachers has the responsibility for. We also are responsible
for the 150 Essences that each of the Spiritual Guardians has responsibility for.  We, the
Professors, are responsible for maintaining dictionaries of all human words, phrases and
definitions in a special library for all Essences and other CIE to use. We are responsible for
assigning specific duties to the Teacher and the Guardian regarding the humans that we are
responsible for teaching. 
     "For example, we will provide the Teacher with the information they need to help the
human with marital or family crises. We will supply the Guardian with information involving
friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. 
     "We, the Professor, have the responsibility for spiritual and higher levels of learning and
understanding for the humans that we have been assigned to. 
     "We reacquaint humans with others who were related to them in previous lives. We
arrange for the conditions of when and where Essences will be reincarnated. Most decisions are
decided by conferring with the Essence and other CIE involved with the Essence's charge.
However, we have the final say on any decisions which they cannot resolve among themselves. 
     "We pass down information from 'The Creator' to the Teachers to the Guardians to the
Essences. All information from the Essences is relayed back to us through the same channels. 
When we are teaching humans, we will converse with a small circle of human contacts. We limit
our teachings to no more than 10 humans at a time, as contamination will rob us of our
responsibility and duty from our beloved 'Creator.' 
     "The delivery of psychic abilities is another one of our functions. We deliver all psychic
abilities to the Essences to deliver to their respective charges. 
     "We are responsible for bringing together the Essences of humans who will be working
together. This is one of the actions we take as managers for any projects that 'The Creator' wants
completed. We have the authority to complete the project in any way that we have to. 
     "We are responsible for housing 'turned Essences' that are a major threat to the existence
of Essences in our realm. We have what is known as a 'velvet whip.' We do not chastise, we do
not punish, in human terms. We house, explain, and teach, but these Essences will never be
reincarnated into another human being, ever." 
Conclusions of Becky, the Essence, and the CIE, Faith, Hope, and Charity
     "Humans have long considered the universe as something that was created out of nothing.
Theologians have considered that Something created the universe. Both are correct. 'The Creator'
has been here for as long as there has been energy. 'The Creator' designed this universe of yours
with all manners of life, with plants, animals, and minerals. We, the CIE, are in charge of the
operations of 'The Creator's' universe. There is an intellectual order in your universe, and it is
precisely run by the CIE. There is no error in what we do. 
     "We have been typically envisioned as angels, females with white robes, halos, wings, long
blonde hair, and sandals. WE ARE NOT THAT. We do not have bodies; we are energy. 
     "Each of the Essences is taught by ourselves, the CIE, under the direction of 'The Creator.'
Each Essence has had prior lives and is able to impart whatever wisdom and knowledge they
learned unto their Charges. Memories are stored, indexed and retrieved by each human's Essence
in the Akashic Records Center. The Essences bring forth the memories to their Charges only
when needed. 
     "The Essences do not force their actions unto their Charges. They are the still, small voice
inside each human. When each of you listens to that voice inside, you will find the correct path
that each must tread. Reincarnation is a fact in our realm for all Essences in order for them to gain
the experience needed to direct their Charges on their next series of lifetimes. Your journey of
completing and fulfilling your Life Plan will be long but rewarding if you will only listen to that
voice, your Essence.  It has never failed; your Essence has always been there and wishes for you
humans to be more attentive to it. 
     "We are here. Listen to us and grow."References
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