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Minds in Many Pieces
Revealing the Spiritual Side of Multiple Personality Disorder
by Ralph B. Allison, M.D. and Ted Schwarz

Dr. Allison's discovery of the Inner Self Helper, or ISH, has illuminated the spiritual.phpect of the human mind - an.phpect feared and thus ignored by others in the field. In fact, guided by his multiple-personality patients' Inner Self Helpers, the author successfully "exorcized" thought-forms masquerading as evil demons. This permitted him to get back to doing the essential hypnotherapy. Only by understanding parapsychological forces as well as his patients' deepest fears and hatreds did he shepherd many of them back to psychological wholeness. This book describes the inner Self Helpers and tells how they operate - and how their protective energy can be tapped in an alliance beneficial to the patient.

This book is now out of print.  However you may download and print out the text by clicking here.

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