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 The Human Essence


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I. Diagnosis and Treatment of MPD/DID
Criminals and Imaginary Companions
Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder & Internalized Imaginary Companions
Critical Issues: MPD & DID Should Be Used For Two Separate Groups of Dissociators
Diagnosing Multiple Personalities with the Rorschach: A Confirmation
A Rational Psychotherapy Plan for Multiplicity
On Discovering Multiplicity
When the Psychic Glue Dissolves
A Guide to Parents: How to Raise Your Daughter to Have Multiple Personalities
A New Treatment Approach for Multiple Personalities
MPD & DID Are Two Quite Different Groups of Patients with Alter-Personalities
How Hypnotizable Is Your Shaman?
Dissociation & Imagination: Thirty Years of Confusion Between Them
Differentiating Internalized Imaginary Companions from Alter-Personalities
The Case of Alter-Personalities v. Imaginary Playmates
The Allison Manifesto on MPD & DID
Effects on the Therapists Who Treat MPD Patients
The Multiple Personality Patient as Witch
A Self-Help Approach to Multiplicity
Psychotherapy of Multiple Personality
Working with the Inner Self Helper (ISH) During and After Therapy
Tell Me Who I Am Before I Die
The Five of Me
Minds In Many Pieces
Age Regression
Birth Personality
Emotional Self
Inner Self Helper (ISH)
Internalized Imaginary Companion (IIC)
Original Personality
Psychological Integration
Spiritual Integration
Touch on the Forehead
II. Legal/Prison Issues
Other Selves Who Kill
Criminals & Imaginary Companions
Cognitive Interviewing: A Critical Evaluation
Simple Dissociators in a Complex Prison
Multiple Personality in the Workplace
The Possession Syndrome on Trial
Difficulties Diagnosing the Multiple Personality Syndrome in a Death Penalty Case
The Multiple Personality Defendant in Court
Multiple Personalities & Criminal Behavior
How and Why Personal Rescue Miracles Occur
Is Treatment of Inmates with MPD Possible in Prison? The Negative Side of the Argument
Maybe Multiples in Courts and Corrections
III. Unpleasant Spiritual Experiences
If In Doubt, Cast It Out?
To Be Or Not To Be, That Is the Question
Sapping & Zapping
The Possession Syndrome on Trial
How and Why Personal Rescue Miracles Occur
A Debate: Satanic Ritual Abuse and Multiple Personality: The Negative Side of the Argument
The Possession Syndrome: Myth, Magic, and Multiplicity
Tell Me Who I Am Before I Die
IV. Essence/Soul
Essence Memory: A Preliminary Hypothesis
The Role of the Human Essence in the Healing Process
How Meeting Your Essence Prepares You To Cease To Exist
Understanding the Splintered Mind
Understanding the Splintered Mind (in Japanese)
The Bipartite Mind: Functional Differences Between the Essence and the Personality
The Essence and Original Personality
The Human Essence
The Great Deception
The Great Teacher
Michael, My Essence
Minds In Many Pieces
Watashi Ga Watashi Denai Hito Tachi
V. Spiritual Helpers
Spiritual Helpers I Have Met
Spiritual Genealogy Research in Rome
My Spiritual Teachers: Faith, Hope, and Charity
How Reincarnation Really Works
Memories of an Essence
Spiritual Helpers & Multiple Personality Disorder
Celestial Intelligent Energy
The Creator
Spiritual Guardian of the Essence
Spiritual Teacher of the Guardians of the Essences
Spiritual Professor of the Teachers of the Guardians of the Essences
VI. Foreign Experiences
Travel Log: In Search of Multiples in Moscow
Spiritual Genealogy Research in Rome
Understanding the Splintered Mind (in Japanese)
Watashi Ga Watashi Denai Hito Tachi

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